Chpt 1-4 Review

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  1. which of the following are benefits of working in the health care industry
    • excellent job opportunities
    • diverse array of places to work
    • flexible work schedule
    • opportunity for advancement
    • opportunity to improve quality of peoples lives
    • all of the above
  2. list factors related to soft skills
    sincerity, friendliness, respectfulness, compassion
  3. give examples of how the baby boomer population will impact the healthcare industry
    all of the above
  4. what is a sentinel event?
    none of the above
  5. list trends in supply & demand of RNs
    • 55% will retire in 10 years
    • By 2020 there will be a shortage of nurses in US
  6. what does it mean to have a systems perspective?
    • understand how everyone is connected¬†
    • be aware how your role fits in
  7. what are some advantages of electronic medical records?
    pt info can be shared quickly
  8. the need to rely on others is called what?
  9. what does the term "being present in the moment" mean?
    you can filter out distractions & concentrate on what's in front of you at any given time
  10. what are people who are critical thinkers good at?
    • reducing stress
    • finding effective solutions to almost any problem
  11. give some examples of demonstrating a strong work ethic
    • contingency plans
    • punctuality
    • enthusiasm
  12. Define pessimistic & optimistic
    • pessimistic - looking on the dark side
    • optimistic - looking on the bright side
  13. what does HIPAA provide national standards?
    to protect confidentiality & pt privacy
  14. what helps to insure quality of care?
    • adhering to your scope of practice
    • updating your knowledge & skills
    • maintaining active status for license & certification
  15. what is conducted to measure success in executing job duties?
    performance evaluation
  16. the term "quality is in the details" means what?
    paying attention to even the smallest things because making a small mistake or overlooking a minor detail can have a big impact on quality
  17. what does a hostile workplace mean?
    an uncomfortable or unsafe work environment
  18. define character
    a person's moral behavior and qualities
  19. what indicates a lack of character in the workplace?
    • theft
    • watching tv
    • falsifying record
    • failing to report unethical behavior
  20. what is behavior based on
    character traits
  21. what are some important questions to ask yourself when making difficult ethical decisions?
    • who might be affected?
    • how would other people view my decision?
    • loss of job
    • how would it make me feel?
    • what would boss think?
  22. cheating & stealing are examples of what kind of behavior?
  23. define morals
    capability of differentiating between right & wrong
  24. define fraud
    intentional deceit through false info or misrepresentation
  25. give examples of complex ethical, moral, & legal dilemmas in healthcare
    all of the above
  26. define loyalty
    showing faith to people that one is under obligation to defend or support
  27. interdisciplinary teams are composed of people from where?
    from different disciplines & depts
  28. define inclusive
    a tendency to include everyone
  29. standards of behavior are based on what?
    thoughtfulness & considerness of others (manners)
  30. what is true with respect to consensus?
    • all members agree to support decision, finding win-win situation where there's winners & loosers.
    • Good teamwork
  31. what does electronic communication include?
    • email
    • voicemail
    • telephone
    • computer
    • all of the above
  32. overcoming disagreements between two or more people is called what?
    conflict resolution
  33. what style of communication is appropriate for the work place?
    assertive style
  34. what style of communication is most effective in conflict resolution?
    assertive style
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