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  1. Name the first twenty elements by looking at their symbols
    Refer to book
  2. What are some of the properties of metals, non metals and metalloids? Provide examples for each
    • Metals
    • Malleable
    • Hard
    • Shiny (have lustre)
    • They are good conducters of electricity generally.
    • Gold, Silver, Zinc, Uranium
    • Non- metals
    • Don't conduct heat or electricity well
    • Usually brittle and cannot be moulded into many shapes.
    • Hydrogen, Carbon
    • Metalloids
    • Metalloids can be referred to as semi- metals as they display characteristics of both non- metals and metals. They insulate and conduct electricity.
    • Boron, Silicon
  3. Mentally colour in the periodic table. Colour in metals, semi- metals and non- metals
    Refer to book
  4. What is the difference between physical change and chemical change?
    • A physical change is reversible as it only rearrange the atoms whereas a chemical change is irreversible as it results in the formation of new substance.
    • Example, physical- melting ice
    • Example, chemical- burning wood
  5. Draw a model to distinguish between elements and compounds
    Refer to internet
  6. Define solute, solvent and solution. Provide example.
    • The solute dissolves into the solvent in order to make a solution
    • E.g: Fizzy water, syrup and salt water
  7. What is a mixture?
    A substance containing different substances randomly.
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