Science (bubble, bubble toil etc) defintions

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  1. Filtration
    Filtration is the act of filtering something. It is often used to separate liquids from solids.The fluid that passes through the medium interposing is called the filtrate.
  2. Sedimentation
    The process of sedimentation uses gravity to separate solids from water. You put an insoluble substance into a solvent and it will sit as the bottom. This is sedimentation. E.g chalk and water.
  3. Sieving
    Sieving uses a piece of mesh or screen. It can stop larger particles from going into a solution.
  4. Distillation
    • The act of purifying a liquid by methods of cooling or heating.
    • Example: Salt water. If you heat the water until it evaporates you will be left just with salt.
  5. Evaporation
    Evaporation is the process when a liquid turns into a gas
  6. Condensation
    The conversion of gas to a liquid when put in contact with coolness
  7. Crystallisation
    A solid- liquid separation technique
  8. magnetic attraction
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