Music History Ch2

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  1. Who were three important ppl in rome?
    • Constantine
    • Pausanias
    • Boethius
  2. How many pieces of music survive from Rome?
  3. what is the Aulos
    tibia (bone appearance) (instrument)
  4. What is Martianus Capella known for?
  5. What subjects fall under the Trivium?
    • rhetoric
    • grammar
    • logic
  6. What subjects fall under Quadrium?
    • Geometry
    • Arithmetic
    • Astronomy
    • Music
  7. Why is Augustine of Hippo (354-430) important?
    • Converted christian
    • theologian

    • Wrote de Music treatus about jewish ideas in the use of music/worship
    • Christian church is still based in its judaism heratige
  8. Who was Boethius (480-524)?
    • Wrote De institutione musica (fundamentals of music)
    • -music textbook until early 18th c

    Helped transmit music theory from Greece to medieval europe
  9. musicus
    musicologist who studies and understands music
  10. cantor
  11. uses of music in roman times
    • religious and civil ceremonies
    • theatrical productions
    • athletic contests
  12. What three tenets of Greek music theory did Boethius reaffirm?
    • Music = science
    • Universe resonates w/ music (spheres, body, vocal/inst music)
    • distinction b/w musicologist and performer
  13. What are the three different harmonies of music proposed by Boethius?
    • Musica mundana
    • Musica humana
    • musica instrumentalis
  14. Musica mundana
    music of the spheres
  15. Musica humana
    Music of the human body
  16. Musica instrumentalis
    earthly vocal/instrumental music
  17. Who set a distinction b/w music's and cantor?
  18. What is Liturgy?
    • A collection of prayers, chants, readings, ritual acts
    • used by theology of the church or any organized religion
  19. define chant
    monophonic religious music sung in a house of worship
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