Music History Ch 2

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  1. How many pieces of greek music survive
  2. who was the god of music
  3. aulos
    greek wind instrument
  4. why was music so important to the greeks?
    • communicate w/ gods
    • affect morality
    • entertainment
    • makes soul sensitive
  5. four uses of music in greek society
    • public religious festivals
    • music in theatre
    • private festivities: the symposium
    • music in edu
  6. paean
  7. dithyramb
    wild, passionate shouts in honor of dionysus
  8. Stasimon chorus from Orestes
    • composed by Euripides
    • papyrus
    • fragments
    • 7 lines
    • sung by chorus (everyone)
  9. pythagorus music ratios
    • 2:1
    • 3:2
    • 4:3
    • 9:8
  10. tetrachord
    • four note units
    • outer notes fixed
    • inner moveable
    • two successive tetrachords for octave
  11. lowest pitch
  12. aristoxenus
    • methods of observations and classification
    • through boethius defined nature of musical intervals, consonance, dissonance, scales
  13. Greek perfect system
    two octave scale

    four types of tetrachord and proslambanomenos
  14. aspects of greek music passed on to west
    • sys of consonance and dissonance
    • sys of recognizing octave duplication/dividing each octave into 7 pitches
    • concept of scale patterns
    • sys of tuning (lasted until 15th c)
    • musical terms such as tetrachord, diatonic, chromatic, enharmonic
  15. aspects passed to middle ages and later abandoned
    • notation symbols abandoned in 19th c
    • microtones
    • music of the spheres
    • belief that music is quantitative
  16. aspects of music not passed on
    • musical repertoire
    • musical staff/clefs
    • instruments
    • musical rhythm
  17. music of the spheres
    when the stars/planets rotated in balanced proportions and made heavenly music
  18. basic unit of time in greek music

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