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  1. You are cleared to “line up and wait”. Which lights should be selected to on?
    • Answer: All exterior lights except the landing lights.
    • This means, on the Captain's side, the Taxi and the Runway Turnoff
    • Lights (3 Switches). On First Officer's side, Strobe, Position, Anti
    • Collision, and Wing lights on. Logo for night operations (if installed). If
    • particular lights are distracting, Pilots may turn them off at their discretion.
    • Turn the lights back on when they are no longer distracting.
  2. You are subsequently cleared for Takeoff. For maximum visibility, how should the light
    switches be positioned?
    • Answer: The outboard/retractable landing lights should be on.
    • The inboard/fixed landing lights should be on.
    • The runway turn off lights should be on.
    • The taxi light should be turned off.
    • Essentially, this means all on except the taxi light.
  3. If a pilot needs to leave his station on the flight deck for personal needs, what must be accomplished?
    Security procedures must be followed and if above FL 250 the remaining pilot must put on and use his oxygen mask.
  4. With the Emergency Exit Lights Switch in the ARMED position, when will the emergency lights automatically illuminate?
    • Electrical power to DC bus No. 1 fails or AC power is turned off.
    • Reference: FRM Chapter 1
  5. After donning the Portable Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE) how long will oxygen be available to you?
    The PBE provides approximately 15 to over 20 minutes of oxygen depending upon the device used.
  6. You are in a -700/-800 and while completing the test of the Crew Oxygen system, a noticeable drop in the oxygen pressure occurs. What does this likely indicate and what action is required?
    The valve for the crew oxygen bottle is not fully open and corrective maintenance action is required.
  7. Where is the valve located?
    • Answer: -700/-800: in the forward cargo compartment.
    • Reference: AOM Chapter 16
  8. 8. You are beginning your taxi in a -700/-800 at PDX. Can you use taxiway Tango between exits B5 and B6 closed to aircraft with wing spans of 118 feet and greater?
    Answer: Yes. The wingspan of a -700/-800 with winglets is 117 feet and 5 inches.
  9. You are cruising along at FL 410 when you hear a loud bang. The flight deck immediately fogs up and the cabin altitude warning horn comes on. You look at the pressurization system and see the cabin altitude rapidly rising past 14,000 feet. What would you do?
    • Answer: Immediately comply with the Cabin Altitude Warning/Abnormal Pressurization Immediate Action Items.
    • Reference: QRH
  10. 10. If the PASS OXY ON light does not illuminate, is there another method of dropping the masks?
    Answer: Yes, via the PASS OXY switch on flight deck overhead panel
  11. How would you establish communications?
    • Answer: Mask-Boom switch to Mask.
    • Ensure volume control for both flight interphone switches are sufficient. Select flight interphone or use the bottom of the PTT yoke switch.
    • You may select speaker if either pilot has difficulty hearing.
  12. 12. What is your time of useful consciousness at FL 410?
    Answer: 6-10seconds
  13. 13. What should happen automatically in the cabin?
    Answer: Passenger oxygen masks should drop any time cabin altitude exceeds 14,000 feet. Additionally, whenever the Passenger Oxygen Masks deploy, the cabin lights automatically adjust to White Bright.
  14. How do you know this has occurred?
    Answer: The PASS OXY ON light on the oxygen panel will be illuminated.
  15. 15. How is oxygen supplied to the passengers and how long will they have oxygen?
    Answer: After the masks have dropped from the PSU (Passenger Service Unit), pulling down on any mask will activate an oxygen generator in that PSU. Once activated, oxygen will flow for about 12 minutes and cannot be shut off.
  16. As you enter the aircraft you notice that the emergency exit lights are illuminated. You verify that the flight deck emergency exit light switch is in the off position. What could be the reason the lights are on?
    • Answer: Someone has activated the passenger cabin emergency light switch on the aft attendant panel. This switch bypasses flight deck control.
    • Reference: FRM Chapter 1
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