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  1. 1. On approach, on a clear and calm day, you receive a “GO AROUND, WINDSHEAR AHEAD, WINDSHEAR AHEAD” aural warning descending through 1000 feet RA. You perform a normal go around, and do not encounter any adverse conditions that could have caused the PWS warning. During the second approach, you receive a “Monitor Radar Display” aural alert. What windshear warning did you receive on the second approach, and what is the proper response to this alert?
    • Answer: Predictive Windshear Caution, initiate a normal go around. Be prepared to execute the windshear recovery procedure.
    • Referenc
  2. 2. While on approach in a B737-800W you extend the flaps from 5 to 10 at 205 knots. The flaps extend normally, but the PF then increases the airspeed to 220 knots. What indications will you receive in the flight deck that the flap load relief retracted the flaps?
    Answer: The FLAP lever does not move, but the flap position indicator displays flap retraction and re-extension.
  3. 3. What guidance do we have that may prevent this from happening?
    Answer: Whenever possible, use the indicated flap maneuvering speeds. The flap placards on the forward instrument panel are not target or guideline speeds. They are the maximum speeds at which the aircraft can be safely configured.
  4. 4. In a Classic aircraft on approach into FLL, you are deviating around a build-up and looking to call the airport in-sight when the stick shaker activates. What do you do?
    • Answer: Initiate Stall Recovery found in the QRH Non-Normal Maneuvers/Profiles
    • Reference: QRH
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