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  1. 1. During a previous flight, the Crew noted a split between thrust levers, accompanied by differing engine spool-up times. Upon arrival at a Maintenance Base, the Crew advised Maintenance, who suggested they turn off the PMCs during the next flight and note any change in engine parameters. Would you comply with this request?
    • Answer: No. This is considered checking the function of a system. The policy concerning removing power from a system is clearly defined in AOM Chapter 18, Functional Check Flight Procedures.
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  2. 2. You are at a maintenance base and taking an aircraft from an inbound crew. The logbook has a yellow Crew Deferral sticker in the logbook and also a yellow Crew Deferral sticker near the inoperative item. Is it required that the yellow stickers be transferred to white stickers prior to departing the maintenance base?
    • Answer: No. Installation of the YELLOW placard indicates that Southwest Maintenance Personnel will need to perform follow-up action and/or documentation at the next scheduled overnight Southwest Airlines Maintenance visit.
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  3. 3. What phase of flight is the MEL applicable?
    • Answer: The MEL is a pre-takeoff document not an aircraft operating manual. Southwest Airlines has determined that the term “Departure” for MEL application purposes will be the commencement of the takeoff event (power is applied for the purpose of flight).
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  4. 4. Upon arrival at a Maintenance base a Mechanic repairs the deferred equipment. What additional steps are required of the Captain prior to flight?
    • Answer: Ensure the logbook entry is completed and properly signed by the Mechanic. The Captain's and Ops Agent's copy of the Dispatch Release have been amended by Dispatch (time and initials). Accomplish the before start originating checklist.
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  5. 5. Maintenance defers your Wing Tip Position Light at a Maintenance base. What additional steps are required of the Captain prior to flight?
    Answer: Ensure the logbook entry is completed and properly signed by the Mechanic. All actions and limitations in the proviso have been accomplished. Any required amendments to the Dispatch Release have been obtained. White MEL placard is appropriately affixed. Accomplish the before start originating checklist.
  6. 6. After push and prior to taxi, the left air conditioning pack trips and will not reset. Dispatch is contacted and a decision is made to defer the Pack. All provisos, placards, and limitations are complied with. The logbook entry is completed along with amending the Dispatch release. Will you receive a tracking number at the time Dispatch is originally contacted?
    • Answer: Yes. The flight crew will obtain the tracking number from Maintenance Operations Control prior to departure.
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    • On an originating flight scheduled to depart prior to sunrise, you notice the aircraft has an inoperative forward red wingtip position light (2 bulb configuration). The Logbook and Release show MEL 33-11-01 was applied. Can you takeoff as scheduled?
    • Answer: No. The first proviso of MEL 33-11-01 limits the aircraft to day operations. The aircraft could have been deferred under MEL 33-11-02 which allows day and night operations since it has the two bulb configuration. You would have to wait until daylight or contact Dispatch and Maintenance Control to coordinate changing to MEL 33-11-02.
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  8. What procedures must be followed to use MEL relief if an item becomes inoperative prior to pushback
    • Answer: The Captain notifies the Dispatcher when any item becomes inoperative. The Dispatcher notifies Maintenance Operations Control and establishes a three-way conference. Maintenance Operations Control accomplishes a line-by-line read back of the documented defect, the MEL to be applied, and all applicable (M) procedures with the Captain and the Dispatcher prior to assigning an MEL tracking number. The Flight Deck Crew enters the defect and associated MEL verbiage and tracking number in the logbook. The Crew also affixes a completed yellow INOP placard at the appropriate control, instrument, or control panel location (SP #1B - Placarding of Unique Items).
    • Reference: FOM Chapter 19
  9. 9. What logbook entry is required anytime the portable oxygen dispensing units are used regardless of bottle pressure?
    Answer: An aircraft logbook entry is required any time a bottle and mask are used.
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