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  1. 1. The latest reported Mu value is 20/24/20. The last PIREP is 35 minutes old and was reported as braking action FAIR by a landing Boeing 757. Can you takeoff/land?
    Answer: Southwest Airlines will not conduct operations on any runway with a Mu value of 20 or less. Do not attempt to use the Braking Action Table to base an OPC entry on a Mu reading.
  2. 2. What are the OPC assumptions in calculating Approx Stop Margin?
    Answer: Touchdown occurs no later than 1500 feet from the usable end of the runway. Selecting reverse thrust within 2 seconds after touchdown and attaining the planned reverse thrust level within 8 seconds after touchdown. Speedbrake deployment, thrust at idle, runway condition, and proper winds programmed. The OPC then includes a 15 percent additional safety factor on the total calculated landing distance. The Min(2), Med(3), and Max(M) values are calculated using the deceleration rates for auto brake settings 2, 3, and Max, respectively.
  3. 3. What changes are made if you select the AIII button?
    Answer: The OPC subtracts 1150 feet from the stopping margins to account for the possibility of a long landing due to AIII flare guidance.
  4. 4. On descent you find the weather goes below 4000 feet RVR. What changes to the OPC should be selected and why?
    • Answer: Selecting the RVR <4000 toggle ensures that the CFR landing distance field length requirement for a low visibility approach is met.
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