Music History Ch 3

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  1. Fall of the Roman Empire
    476 C.E.
  2. Canonical hours (liturgical offices)
    Set of eight periods of worship occurring throughout the day.
  3. Rule of St. Benedict
    Code of conduct to regulate daily life in a monastic community.
  4. Opus Dei
    "The work of the Lord"
  5. Scriptorum
    Writing room
  6. Vespers
    Late afternoon serve involving singing psalms, hymns, and the Magnificat.
  7. Gregorian chant (plainsong)
    Monophonic religious music setting Latin texts for Mass. Sung in unison, almost alway a cappella.
  8. Charlemagne
    United the Germanic people, standardized chant within the Church.
  9. Psalter
    Book of 150 psalms found in the Old Testament
  10. Cantor
    Chief musician who leads the singing
  11. Antiphonal singing
    A musical performance in which a divided choir alternately sings back and forth
  12. Doxology
    "Gloria Patri" Standard formula of praise to the Holy Spirit
  13. Antiphon
    A short chant specific to the day
  14. Psalm tones
    Simple, repetitive patterns in which psalms are sung
  15. Magnificat
    The culmination of Mass
  16. Canticle
    A lyrical and memorable passage of scripture usually drawn from the Old Testament
  17. Hymn
    Relatively short chant with a small number of phrases (often four) and a rather narrow vocal range.
  18. Proper of the Mass
    Chants whose texts change each day to suit the religious theme or to honor a particular saint on that one day.
  19. Ordinary of the Mass
    Includes chants with unvarying texts. Can be sung almost any day of the year.
  20. Ordinary of the Mass (King George Couldn't Stand America)
    • Kyrie
    • Gloria
    • Credo
    • Sanctus
    • Agnus Dei
  21. Introit
    A chant that accompanies the entry  of the priests and abbot or bishop into the church.
  22. Syllabic chant
    Only one note for each syllable of text.
  23. Neumatic chant
    Often three, four, or five notes for each syllable of text.
  24. Melismatic chant
    A lengthy vocal phrase setting a single syllable.
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