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  1. Diverge
    • To separate and go in different directions
    • ex) The parallel lines appear to diverge.
  2. Undergrowth
    • a mass of bushes and plants that grow close together under trees in woods and forests
    • ex) They used their knives to clear a path through the dense undergrowth.
  3. claim
    • to say that something is true although it has not been proved and other people may not believe it.
    • ex)He claims he was not given a fair hearing.
  4. Trodden (Tread)
    • to crush or press something with your feet
    • ex) Don't tread ash into the carpet!
    • syn) Trample
  5. Sigh
    • to take and then let out a long deep breath that can be heard, to show that you are disappointed, sad, tired, etc.
    • ex) He sighed deeply at the thought.
  6. Hence
    • For this reason.
    • ex) We suspect they are trying to hide something, hence the need for an independent inquiry.
  7. Deception
    • the act of deliberately making somebody believe something that is not true
    • ex) He was accused of obtaining property by deception.
    • syn) Deceit
  8. Falsehood
    • the state of not being true; the act of telling a lie
    • ex) to test the truth or falsehood of her claims
    • syn) lie
  9. Defilement
    • To make something dirty or no longer pure, especially something that people consider important or holy
    • ex) Many victims of burglary feel their homes have been defiled.
  10. Forbid
    • to order somebody not to do something
    • ex) Her father forbade the marriage.
    • syn) Prohibit
  11. Abhor, Abhorrent
    • causing hatred, especially for moral reasons
    • ex) Racism is abhorrent to a civilized society
    • syn) Repugnant, repulsive, detest, loathe
  12. Sway (hold sway)
    to have a controlling influence; dominate

    ex) The pigs held sway over the other animals in George Orwell's Animal Farm
  13. Pervasive
    • widespread; existing in all parts of a place or thing
    • ex) A sense of social change is pervasive in her novels.
  14. Parable
    • a short story that teaches a moral or spiritual lesson
    • ex) The Parable of the Boiled Frog
  15. Groggy
    • weak and unable to think or move well because you are ill/sick or very tired
    • ex) The sleeping pills left her feeling very groggy.
  16. Apparatus
    • a system of organs in the body
    • ex) the sensory apparatus
  17. Exalted
    • of high rank, position, or great importance
    • ex) She was the only woman to rise to such an exalted position.
  18. Manifestation
    • an event, action or thing that is a sign that something exists or is happening
    • ex) The riots are a clear manifestation of the people's discontent.
  19. Cohesive
    • forming a united whole
    • ex) a cohesive group
  20. Intergroup
    • Being or occurring between two or more social groups
    • ex) intergroup relation
  21. Collusive
    • secret agreement especially in order to do something dishonest or to trick people
    • ex) The police were corrupt and were operating in collusion with the drug dealers.
  22. Consensus
    • an opinion that all members of a group agree with
    • ex) There is a growing consensus of opinion on this issue.
  23. Conscientious
    • taking care to do things carefully and correctly
    • ex) She was thorough and conscientious, rather than brilliant.
  24. Invidious
    unpleasant and unfair

    ex) It would be invidious to single out any one person to thank.
  25. Subvert
    • to try to destroy a person's belief in something or somebody
    • syn) undermine
  26. Amiable
    • pleasant; friendly and easy to like
    • ex) an amiable tone of voice
    • syn) agreeable
  27. Frenetic
    • involving a lot of energy and activity in a way that is not organized
    • ex) to live at a frenetic pace
  28. Penitentials
    • showing that you are sorry for having done something wrong
    • ex) to be in a penitential mood
  29. Party
    • One of the people or groups of people involved in a legal agreement or argument
    • ex) the agreement satisfied most of the parties involved.
  30. Insulate
    • to protect somebody/something from unpleasant experiences or influences
    • ex) until now the industry has been insulated from economic realities
    • syn) shield
  31. Vigilant
    • very careful to notice any signs of danger or trouble
    • ex) a pilot must remain vigilant at all times
    • syn) alert, watchful
  32. Information Asymmetry
    One party has more or better information than the other.

    Creates an imbalance of power in transactions which can sometimes cause the transactions to go awry, even market failure. Prime example of this problem is moral hazard.
  33. Principal
    • Any person who has the legal capacity to perform an act may be a principal and empower an agent to carry out that act.
    • ex)Principal-agent problem
  34. Agent
    • Any individual capable of comprehending the act to be undertaken
    • ex) Principal-Agent problem
  35. Climate Crisis
    A school of thought that the global temperature has been rising since 1970s mostly due to human factors and is threatening our lives.
  36. Vulnerable
    • weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally
    • ex) to be vulnerable to attack
  37. Varnish
    • a liquid that is painted onto wood, metal, etc., and that forms a hard shiny transparent surface when it is dry
    • ex) I'll give the shelves a coat of varnish.
  38. Molecular
    • of, relating to, consisting of, or produced by molecules
    • ex) molecular component
  39. Greenhouse Gases
    • any of the gases that are thought to cause the greenhouse effect, especially carbon dioxide
    • ex) a government commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  40. Infrared Radiation
    • Invisible radiation in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum characterized by wavelengths just longer than those of ordinary visible red light and shorter than those of microwaves.
    • ex) The heat we feel from a glowing coal or an incandescent light bulb is from infrared rays.
  41. Laureate
    • a person who has been given an official honor or prize for something important they have achieved
    • ex) a Nobel laureate
  42. Deplore
    to strongly disapprove of something and criticize it, especially publicly

    ex) Like everyone else, I deplore and condemn this killing.
  43. Overhaul
    • an examination of system, including doing repairs on it or making changes to it
    • ex) a complete/major overhaul
  44. Red Tape
    • official rules that seem more complicated than necessary and prevent things from being done quickly
    • ex) You have to go through endless red tape to get a residence permit.
  45. Decorum
    • polite behavior that is appropriate in a social situation
    • ex) a sense of decorum
    • syn) propriety
  46. Reform
    • to improve a system, an organization, a law, etc. by making changes to it
    • ex) proposals to reform the social security system
  47. Charter School
    a school which receives money from the state but which operates separately from the state system with its own aims and often its own way of teaching. Charter schools often specialize in teaching children with special education needs.
  48. Trade-Off
    • the act of balancing two things that are opposed to each other
    • ex) a trade-off between increased production and a reduction in quality
  49. Impede
    • to delay or stop the progress of something
    • ex) work on the building was impeded by severe weather
    • syn) hinder, hamper
  50. Philanthropy
    • the practice of helping the poor and those in need, especially by giving money
    • ex) The sorority holds various philanthropy events in support of St. Jude Hospital.
  51. Remittance
    • the funds migrant workers send back home
    • ex) Remittances is the second largest source of foreign aid in Latin America.
  52. Humanitarian
    • concerned with reducing suffering and improving the conditions that people live in
    • ex) to provide humanitarian aid to the war zone
  53. Epitomize
    • to be a perfect example of something
    • ex) The fighting qualities of the team are epitomized by the captain.
  54. Ostracism
    the act of deliberately not including somebody in a group or activity; the state of not being included

    ex) The women with fistula were ostracized from their village.
  55. Multilateral
    in which three or more groups, nations, etc. take part

    ex) The peace talks are to be conducted on a multilateral basis.
  56. Competency
    the ability to do something well / a skill that you need in a particular job or for a particular task

    • ex) professional/technical competence
    • ex) the syllabus lists the knowledge and competences required at this level.
  57. Perpetrator
    • a person who commits a crime or does something that is wrong or evil
    • ex) the perpetrators of this crime
  58. Acute
    • very serious or severe
    • ex) the world's acute environmental problems
  59. Comprise
    • to have somebody/something as parts or members
    • ex) The collection comprises 300 paintings.
    • syn) Consist of
  60. Empathy
    the ability to understand another person's feelings, experience, etc by putting yourself in the person's shoes.

    ex) empathy for other people's situations
  61. Analogous
    similar in some way to another thing or situation and therefore able to be compared with it / goes in hand-in-hand

    ex) Sleep has been thought analogous to death.
  62. Stereoscopic
    able to see a matter in multidimensional way.

    ex) stereoscopic vision
  63. Transitory
    • continuing for only a short time
    • ex) the transitory nature of his freedom
  64. Obstruct
    to prevent something/somebody from doing something or making progress, especially when this is done deliberately

    • ex) terrorists attempted to obstruct the peace process
    • syn) hinder
  65. Curtail
    • to limit something or make it last for a shorter time
    • ex) The lecture was curtailed by the fire alarm going off
  66. Indivisible
    • that cannot be divided into separate parts
    • ex) For him, music and lyrics are virtually indivisible.
  67. Falter
    • to become weaker or less effective
    • ex) Her courage never faltered
    • syn) Waver
  68. Vista
    a beautiful view, for example, of the countryside, a city, etc.

    ex) the view of the vista was amazing.
  69. Despise
    to dislike and have no respect for somebody/something

    ex) she despised gossip in any form.
  70. Hamper
    • to prevent somebody from easily doing or achieving something
    • ex) Our efforts were severely hampered by a lack of money.
  71. Deferential
    behavior that shows that you respect somebody/something

    ex) The women wore veils in deference to the customs of the country.
  72. Patriarchal
    • ruled or controlled by men; giving power and importance only to men
    • ex) a patriarchal society
  73. E pluribus unum
    • "Out of many, one."
    • ex) The diversity in America exemplifies a concept of E pluribus unum.
  74. Perception
    ex) a campaign to change public perception of the police
  75. Mosque
    There is a mosque in Itaewon.
  76. Hijab
    She wore a hijab in respect to the Islamic culture.
  77. Unyielding
    She has an unyielding courage.
  78. Suppress
    She could not suppress her anger.
  79. Coercion
    a promise obtained by coercion is never binding
  80. Disruption
    Demonstrators succeeded in disrupting the meeting.
  81. Sustain
    Hope sustained us during that difficult time.
  82. Stoke
    I'm just stoked about getting to see you
  83. Transcend
    music often transcends cultural boundaries
  84. Overarching
    It is one of their overarching objectives
  85. Inter alia
    This leads, inter alia, to a reduction in consumer choice.
  86. Lever
    The threat of sanctions is our most powerful lever for peace.
  87. Pretext
    The incident was used as a pretext for intervention in the area.
  88. Thuggery
    By resorting to such thuggery, the protesters only weaken their position.
  89. Moral Hazard
    The role of banking regulators is to regulate to reduce the moral hazards.
  90. Plucky
    The dog was rescued from the river by two plucky kids.
  91. Embroiled
    He became embroiled in a dispute with his neighbors.
  92. Quandary
    George was in a quandary—should he go or shouldn't he?
  93. Caricature
    Barack Obama is caricatured as a pacifist.
  94. Second-guess
    It was impossible to second-guess the decision of the jury.
  95. Narrative
    His trip through Asia made an interesting narrative.
  96. Villain
    He often plays the part of the villain.
  97. Prevalent
    The disease is even more prevalent in Latin America.
  98. Purport
    Therefore I am not quite sure of the purport of your question
  99. Gripping
    Thanks for the book. Great writing and a gripping story.
  100. Lurch
    Suddenly the horse lurched to one side and the child fell off.
  101. Fluctuation
    Prices fluctuate very widely.
  102. Grants without strings attached
    Many African countries receive grants without strings attached from China.
  103. Dismantle
    Is North Korea going to dismantle its nuclear program?
  104. Diminish
    The world's resources are rapidly diminishing.
  105. Underscore
    He underscored his points with emphatic gestures.
  106. Money laundering
    He will face trial on money laundering charges.
  107. Vagrant
    He lived on the street as a vagrant.
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