Chapter 6 Review

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  1. Define diversity in a health care setting
    a type of a occupation in which you work such as nursing, medical assistant, secretarial, food service, etc
  2. Define culture
    groups of people who share the same values and norms
  3. what is bias?
    prejudice favoring one side or one person over another
  4. what does cultural competence mean?
    the ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures
  5. list some examples of customers of health care workers
    • patients
    • visitors
    • coworkers
    • guest
    • doctors
  6. what is HCAHPS used for?
    used by hospital to measure and report patient satisfaction
  7. list some facts about patients and customer service
    • they never forget the experience
    • can overhear phone conversations down the hallway
    • they will become irritable if they don't get info quickly enough
  8. what do you do if the Dr ask you to do something that is outside your scope of practice?
    speak up! "that's not within my scope of practice but I will find someone to help you"
  9. what is a healing environment?
    a physical space designed to reduce stress, ensure safety & uplift the spirits of patients, visitors & staff to benefit both patients & workers
  10. define transparency
    info that is open, clear & capable of being seen
  11. the ability to manage aspects of your life outside of work is called?
    personal skills
  12. the total impression you make on other people is/are?
    personal image
  13. list some things that reflect a professional appearance and good grooming
    • personal habits
    • grammar & language
    • well groomed
    • clean & neat
    • dress code
    • confidence in caregivers
  14. what can stereotyping lead to?
    inaccurate first impressions
  15. do employers have to provide a smoke area?
  16. what can poor grammar indicate?
    a lack of education and refinement
  17. what are some things that can have a negative impact on your personal image
    • people you associate with
    • drinking alcohol
    • engaging in wild behavior
    • dating a coworker
    • dating your supervisor
  18. what are personal management skills?
    the ability to manage time, personal finances, stress, and change
  19. the lack of effective time management skills can result in ?
    • attendance problems
    • job dismissal
  20. name some good personal financial management statagies (read carefully on test)
    • develop a budget
    • no payday loans
    • have retirement funds ASAP
    • limit credit card use to emergency situations, have savings plan
  21. what types of changes can cause stress?
    any type
  22. what are adaptive skills?
    • the ability to adjust to change
    • (none of the above on test)
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