ESL Podcast 1024 – Dealing with Crises

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  1. to delay; to change the time or date of something so that it happens later than originally scheduled
    * We’re going to postpone the carnival due to heavy rain.
    to postpone
  2. to quickly and repeatedly find solutions to many problems, without advance warning or time to plan, and without time to identify or address the cause of the problems
    * During a major epidemic, doctors sometimes have to put out fires by treating symptoms before they have time to try to fight the underlying medical problem.
    to put out fires
  3. to cancel all of one’s appointments and meetings so that one can focus on something else, with no obligations during a certain period of time
    * She asked her assistant to clear her schedule for the rest of the afternoon so that she could finish the report.
    to clear (one’s) schedule
  4. a major, important, and urgent problem that must be dealt with immediately
    * If we don’t get more food delivered soon, we’ll have a crisis.
  5. firing; an instance where someone is told that he or she no longer has a job, especially when the company is not performing well and needs to reduce the number of workers
    * When the factory closed, there was a layoff of over 200 people.
  6. to have many demands on one’s time; to need to do many different things, especially more than one can comfortably do
    * As a corporate executive, single father, and soccer coach, Leonardo often feels he is being pulled in several directions.
    to be pulled in several directions
  7. to make progress; to advance toward a goal
    * Cleaning out the garage is a huge project, but we’re making headway.
    to make headway
  8. imposed upon another person, especially when talking about a demand or responsibility that one would rather not have
    * If they throw one more deadline at me, I won’t be able to finish any of my work on time.
    thrown at (one)
  9. a period of time when many things are due or must be completed, and one must work very hard to be able to do everything
    * Final exams are next week, so this is crunch time for students.
    crunch time
  10. without enough people to do a job; understaffed
    * Two cooks and three waiters have called in sick, so we’re going to be very shorthanded at the restaurant tonight.
  11. needing immediate attention; not able to wait
    * The doctor found cancer and said there was an urgent need to operate.
  12. as soon as possible; without delay
    * Please fill out these forms and return them to the human resources department ASAP.
  13. to yearn for; to desire; to want very badly to have or do something
    * Charlotte hasn’t had a vacation in two years and is longing for a week at the beach.
    to long for
  14. schedule; a plan for when things should be completed
    * We can follow this timeline only if we receive the necessary information from the other companies.
  15. to become calmer and less rushed
    * We had great sales and were really busy over the holidays, but business quieted down in January.
    to quiet down
  16. a major problem with significant negative consequences
    * That earthquake was the worst disaster to hit our county in the past 15 years.
  17. to prevent something from happening; to avoid
    * The police officers caught the terrorist and averted a dangerous bombing incident.
    to avert
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