Book 1.66.3 - 74

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  1. ἀπειχοντο (ἀπεχω)
    they kept away from
  2. τας πεδας
  3. κιβδηλῳ (ος  ον)
  4. πισυνοι (ος  ον)
    relying on, trusting in
  5. ἐξανδραποδιουμενοι (ἐξανδραποδιζω)
    reducing them to total slavery
  6. ἑσσωθεντες (ἡσσαομαι)
    having been beaten/worsted
  7. ἐζωγρηθησαν
    they were taken alive
  8. ἐδεδεατο (δεω)
    they had been bound
  9. σοαι (ος  η  ον)
    safe and sound
  10. συνεχεως
  11. αἐθλεον (ἀθλεω)
    they were contending with
  12. κατυπερτεροι (comp)
  13. ἐπειρωτων τινα θεων
    asking which of the gods
  14. ἀνευρειν (ἀνευρισκω)
    to discover
  15. την θηκην
    the coffin/grave
  16. λευρῳ (ος  α  ον)
  17. κρατερης ἀναγκης
    powerful compulsion
  18. τo πημ᾽
  19. φυσιζοος (ος  ον)
  20. ἡ αἰα
  21. κομισσαμενος (κομιζω)
    having supplied, introduced, carried off
  22. ὁ/ἡ ἐπιταρροθος
    the defender/ally
  23. ἐλασσον
    less, worse
  24. διζημενοι (διζημαι)
    seeking out
  25. ἐλινυειν
    to rest
  26. άλλους ἀλλῃ
    some places to another (i.e. 'here and there')
  27. της ἐπιμειξιης
    a mixing with, dealings
  28. το χαλκηιον
    the blacksmith's, a smithy
  29. ἐν θωματι
    in wonder, amazement
  30. ἐθηειτο (θεαομαι)
    he observed
  31. εἰ περ εἰδες το περ ἐγω
    if you'd seen what I saw
  32. το φρεαρ
    a well
  33. ὀρυσσων (ὀρυσσω)
  34. ἐπετυχον (ἐπιτυγχανω)
    I hit upon
  35. τη σορῳ
    a vessel, container
  36. ἑπταπηχει (ἑπταπηχυς)
    seven cubits long (dat)
  37. τἡ μηκει
  38. συνεχωσα (συγχώννυμι)
    I buried
  39. συνεβαλλετο (συμβαλλω)
    he concluded
  40. ὁρεων (ὁραω)
    having seen
  41. τας φυσας
  42. τον ἀκμονα
    the anvil
  43. την σφυραν
    the hammer
  44. εἰκαζων (εἰκαζω)
    guessing [inferring by comparison]
  45. πλαστου (ος  η  ον)
    moulded; made up, trumped up
  46. ἐδιωξαν (διωκω)
    they pursued, prosecuted
  47. ἀνεγνωσε (ἀναγιγνωσκω)
    he persuaded
  48. ἐνοικισθη (ἐνοικιζω)
    he had been settled
  49. ἀνορυξας (ἀνορυσσω)
    having dug up
  50. δολου τα και ἀπατης
    deceit and also fraud/trickery
  51. τῃ ἀπιξι
    the arrival
  52. αἱ εὐεργεσιαι
    good deeds, services
  53. γεγονυιαι (γιγνομαι)
  54. ὠνεοντο (ὠνεομαι)
    they were buying
  55. δωντινην
    • adv
    • freely, as a gift
  56. των ζῳδιων
  57. ἐξωθεν
    • adv
    • from without
  58. πλησαντες (πιμπλημι)
    having filled up
  59. το χειλος
    the rim, lip
  60. διφασιας (ος  α  ον)
    of two kinds
  61. ἀπελοιατο (ἀφαιρεω)
    they took it away
  62. ὑστερησαν (ὑστερεω)
    they were too late
  63. ἡλωκεναι (ἁλισκομαι)
    to be conquered
  64. πριαμενους (πριαμαι)
    buying, selling
  65. καταιρησειν (καθαιρεω)
    to take down!
  66. νομιζομενος προσθε
    being thought already
  67. σκυτινας (ος  α  ον)
  68. τας ἀναξυριδας
  69. τας ἐσθητα
  70. τρηχεαν (τραχυς  υια  υ)
    jagged, rocky
  71. τρωγειν (τρωγω)
    to nibble
  72. γευσαμενοι (γευω)
    having been given a taste
  73. περιεξονται (περιεχομαι)
    they will embrace
  74. ἀπωστοι (ος  η  ον)
    such as to be driven away
  75. ἁβρον (ος  ον)
  76. οἱ κατηκοοι
  77. ὁ οὐρος
    the boundary
  78. παραμειβομενος (παραμειβω)
    passing by
  79. ἀπεργει (ἀπεργνυμι)
    it separates
  80. ἐξ εὐωνομου
    on the left hand side
  81. ἀποταμνει (ἀπταμνω)
    it cuts off
  82. ὁ αὐχην
  83. το μηκος
    the length
  84. εὐζωνῳ (ος  ον)
    active, prepared
  85. ἀναισιμουνται (ἀναισιμοω)
    they use up (73)
  86. τῳ ἱμερῳ
    a desire
  87. τον γαμβρον
  88. ἡ ἰλη
    a troop
  89. ὑπεξηλθε (ὑπερξερχομαι)
    it escaped
  90. εὐ περιειπε (περιεπω)
    he treated well
  91. ἐπ᾽ ἀγρην
    to/on the hunt
  92. νοστησαντας (νοστεω)
    having returned
  93. διεδεξε (διαδεικνυμι)
    he showed
  94. ἀκρος  α  ον
    first, outermost
  95. τρηχεως (τραχυς  υια  υ)
    jaggedly, sharply
  96. περιεσπε (περιεπω)
    he treated
  97. τῃ ἀεικειῃ
    an outrage/injury
  98. σκευασαντες (σκευαζω)
    to prepare
  99. την ταχιστην
    with all speed
  100. οἱ δαιτυμονες
    dinner guests
  101. ἐπασαντο (πατεομαι)
    they ate
  102. ἐξαιτεοντι (ἐξαιτεω)
  103. διαφερουσι (διαφερω)
    they carried on through with
  104. ἐπ᾽ ἰσης
    near equally
  105. της συμβολης
    meeting, engagement
  106. συνεστεωσης (συνιστημι)
    engaging in battle
  107. ἐξαπινης
    • adv
    • suddenly
  108. προηγορευσε ἐσεσθαι
    he predicted it (to be)
  109. τον ούρον
    the limit, range, boundary
  110. προθεμενος (προτιθημι)
    having set out
  111. συμβιβασαντες (συμβιβαζω)
    having brought together/reconciled
  112. σπευσαντες (σπευδω)
    having hurried, urged on
  113. την ἐπαλλαγην
    an exchange
  114. αἱ συμβασιες
    agreements, pacts
  115. τους βραχιονας
    the arms
  116. την ὁμοχροιην
    the skin
  117. ἀναλειχουσι (ἀναλειχω)
    they lick up

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