MGMT 250 Chapter 2

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  1. Assumes all organizations require the same rational management process
    Universal process approach
  2. Production-oriented field of management dedicated to improving efficiency and cutting waste
    Operational approach
  3. Developing performance standards on the basis of systematic observation and experimentation
    Scientific management
  4. Developing tools and processes to efficiently transform material and human resources into useful goods and services
    Operations management
  5. An effort to make managers more sensitive to their employees' needs
    Human relations movement
  6. McGregor's optimistic assumptions about working people
    Theory Y
  7. A  modern approach seeking to discover the causes of work behavior and to develop better management techniques
    Organizational behavior
  8. A collection of parts operating interdependently to achieve a common purpose
  9. An area of study based on the assumption that everything is part of a larger, interdependent arrangement
    General systems theory
  10. A self-sufficient entity
    Closed system
  11. Something that depends on its surrounding environment for survival
    Open system
  12. Research effort to determine which managerial practices and techniques are appropriate in specific situations
    Contingency approach
  13. Research technique used to determine how numerous variables combine to cause a particular outcome
    Multivariate analysis
  14. 5 different approaches to management
    • 1. The universal process approach
    • 2. The operational approach
    • 3. The behavioral approach
    • 4. The systems approach
    • 5. The contingency approach
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