Biology Chapter 28

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  1. Ecosystem
    Community of plant and animal life
  2. Biotic
    Living organisms of an ecosystem
  3. Abiotic
    Physical and chemical aspects of an ecosystem
  4. Nutrients
    • Atoms and molecules organisms obtain from an environment
    • Cycle through ecosystem and converted to many forms
  5. Energy
    • Obtained from sun
    • Used by organisms
    • Released as heat
    • Constant output required
  6. Trophic levels
    Feeding levels
  7. Producers
    • Self-feeders
    • Produce food for themselves through inorganic nutrients and solar energy
  8. Consumers
    • Other-feeders
    • Rely on other organisms for food and energy
  9. Consumer Levels
    • Primary; herbavores
    • Secondary; carnivores
    • Tertiary; carnivores eat carnivores
  10. Ecology
    Study of organisms home environment and interaction
  11. Net Primary Production
    Energy photosynthetic organisms store at any given time period
  12. Biomass
    • Dry biological material
    • Used to measure energy
  13. Food Chain
    • Linear feeding relationship of trophic levels
    • "Circle of Life"
  14. Omivores
    • Everything eaters
    • Humans
  15. Detritivores
    Debris eaters
  16. Decomposers
    primarily fungi and bacteria
  17. Energy Pyramid
    Illustrates the energy relationships between trophic levels
  18. Nutrient Types
    • Macronutrients-required in large quantities
    • Micronutrients-required in trace quantities
  19. Hydrologic Cycle
    Path of water from reservoir, to river, to lake, to ocean, to clouds, and then back to reservoir
  20. Carbon Cycle
    Path of carbon from reservoirs in the air, through producers, into bodies of consumers , then back to reservoirs
  21. Nitrogen Cycle
    Path of nitrogen through an ecosystem
  22. Phosperous Cycle
    Path of phosperous through an ecosystem
  23. Acid Deposition
    Nitric acid in cloud falling back to earth as rain
  24. Causes of Human Disruption
    • Acid rain
    • Greenhouse effect
    • Soil erosion
    • Climate change
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