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  1. Edward Jenner's contribution to microbiology?
  2. What agents effect the bacterial cell wall?
    detergents, alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds
  3. Gram Positive
    Does not have a Phospholipid Bilayer
  4. Gram Negative Cell Envelope
    Does have a Phospholipid bilayer
  5. Inhibits bacterial cell wall formation?
  6. Negative staining?
    Back round stained to see
  7. Extrachromosomal DNA in bacteria ?
  8. Transformed bacteria acquires naked DNA?
    From environment
  9. Recombinant bacteria used in industry?
    human growth hormone, vaccines, and insulin
  10. Bacteria which are resistant to antibiotic agents?
    Nosocomial infections
  11. Pathogenicity of microorganisms?
    virulence factors
  12. Noncommunicable disease
    disease acquired directly from the environment
  13. Pandemic
    world wide
  14. Prevalence
    degree of the occurrence and how long it stays
  15. Direct transmission
    person to person
  16. Nosocomial infections
    hospital acquired
  17. Physical barriers body defense
    skin, nose hair, and cilia
  18. Chemical body defense
    sebum, saliva, and gastric juices
  19. Helper T cells differentiate into?
    memory T c cells
  20. Produce antibodies when they are activated?
    B cells
  21. Hypersensitivity reactions
    Precipitation of antigen-antibody complexes
  22. Active natural vaccine
    passed from the mother
  23. Active artificial vaccine
    vaccine including protective immunity
  24. Viruses are called obligate parasite. Why?
    need a host to get in
  25. During viral maturation
    all components of virus is assembled
  26. T h cells and macrophages are destroyed by the virus?
  27. Varicella zoster
    • causes chicken pox
    • stays latent
    • causes shingles
  28. Herpes gladiatorium causes?
    toxic shock syndrome
  29. hepatitis D is caused by?
    hepatitis virus with co-infection with hepatitis B
  30. Epstein Barr virus causes?
    cervical cancer
  31. Consist of hyphae and mycelium?
  32. Vaginal infection where a smear under microscope shows budding cells with pseudohyphea?
    yeast infection
  33. Influenza shows antigenic drift?
    mutations in genes for hemoglobin
  34. Tuberculosis
    • Pathogens are sensitive to drying and die in the environment
    • Typhoid fever is caused by shigella
  35. Does not produce a toxin for food poisoning?
    Salmonella enteritidis
  36. Is not treatable?
    Bacterial endocarditis
  37. Can infect humans through water supply?
    E coli
  38. Syphilis is caused by?
    treponema pallidum
  39. Are called helminthes?
    Parasitic worms
  40. Has no nucleus use pili to get in?
    Prokaryotic cells
  41. Bacterial (gram positive) clusters are called?
  42. Kreb cycle
    • begins with pyruvic acid
    • all fermentation of glucose begins with pyruvic acid as sbstrate
  43. Lag phase
    growth curve
  44. Log phase
    cell division
  45. stationary phase
    same as growth rate
  46. Chemically defined media
    used to study nutrient requirement of the bacteria
  47. DNA polymerase uses DNA as blueprint to synthesize RNA
  48. Rh negative mother carrying Rh positive child causes hemolytic disease of newborns?
    Blood typing
  49. Death phase
    cell culture
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