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  1. someone who prefers cats to dogs
    (개보다) 고양이를 더 좋아하는 사람
    • cat person
    • I'm not a cat person.
  2. tear something into small pieces
    ~을 갈기갈기 찢다
    • rip something to shreds
    • He ripped the paper to shreds in anger.
  3. having no possible compromise
    교착상태에 빠진
    • at an impasse
    • we are at an impasses over which route to take.
  4. to cancel a plan
    (계획을) 취소하다
    • call off
    • The game was called of because of the rain.
  5. to change one's opinion or decision because of pressure from someone else
    주장을 굽히다
    • back down
    • Never back down from your dream just because others think you can't do it.
  6. in progress
    being worked on
    논의중인, 진행중인
    • in the works
    • My visa process is in the works.
  7. the same thing every day
    • monotonous
    • My life seems so monotonous.
  8. actually
    • as a matter of fact
    • As a matter of fact, I'm afraid of what is going to happen in my life.
  9. to relax
    relieve oneself of stress
    긴장을 풀다
    • wind down
    • I usually wind down my day by listening to classical music.
  10. a healthy alternative to something
    ~의 해독제
    • antidote to
    • Working out is the only antidote to feeling depressed.
  11. an obvious thing that ppl are reluctant to acknowledge
    (무시할 수 없는) 골치아픈 문제
    • elephant in the room
    • You know we have an elephant in the room.
  12. to figure sth out based on the info given
    • do the math
    • Do the math, would you?!
  13. one's current circumstances
    현재상황, 가지고 있는 패
    • the cards one is dealt
    • I really don't like the cards I am dealt.
  14. refusing to accept or acknowledge a fact
    현실을 받아들이지 못하는
    • in denial
    • You are living in denial.
  15. further in the future
    • down the road
    • Down the road, we plan to move into a bigger house with a pool.
  16. a purchase made based on emotion
    • impulse buy
    • I got this skirt as an impulse buy.
  17. to avoid the point of the conversation
    돌려서 말하다
    • beat around the bush
    • Stop beating around the bush.
  18. expensive
    • steep
    • The price was steep.
  19. an ending phrase for a negotiation or business arrangement
    • Does that work for you?
    • I'll give you 50% off. Does this work for you?
  20. to relieve someone of sth as a favor to them
    ~만 가져가다, 사다
    • take sth off someone's hands
    • Can you take some off my hands?
  21. to find it hard to accept sth despite its presence
    눈을 의심하다
    • not believe one's eyes
    • I couldn't believe my eyes.
  22. the spread of info from person to person
    전해 들은 말, 입소문
    • word of mouth
    • I got the teacher through word of mouth.
  23. to have a solution to a simple problem
    효과가 있다
    • do the trick
    • These pills will do the trick.
  24. to take unnecessary chances; ask for too much
    운만 믿고 덤비다, 과욕을 부려 일을 망치다
    • push one's luck
    • Don't push your luck.
  25. an acknowledgement that someone has made a valid argument for sth
    • point taken
    • Your point taken.
  26. not familiar with sth; out of sync
    ~에 익숙하지 않은, 뒤쳐진
    • out of touch
    • I'm so out of touch with recent music.
  27. unquestionably, without peer
    • by far
    • This is, by far, the most beautiful painting I've ever seen.
  28. to describe sth in such detail that the person listening can see it in their mind
    자세히 설명하다
    • paint a picture
    • Can you paint a picture for me? I can't understand.
  29. to try sth different; not make a judgment about sth too quickly
    ~을 시도해 보다
    • give sth/someone a chance
    • I'm not going to give you a chance.
  30. to continue doing/using sth that one has been habitually using/doing
    ~을 계속하다, 지키다
    • stick to
    • Please, stick to your diet.
  31. to sacrifice sth
    ~을 희생하다, 포기하다
    • give up
    • Don't give up.
  32. without feeling, heartless
    • cold
    • You're so cold.
  33. a subtle acknowledgement of being wrong
    네가 그렇게 말한다면
    • when you put it that way
    • When you put it that way, I should apologies to him.
  34. an experience of feeling guilty about sth, especially when such guilt is excessive and unfounded
    죄책감, 특히 과하거나 근거가 없는 죄에 대해 느끼는 죄책감
    • guilt trip
    • Don't give me a guilt trip about this, that's not nice.
  35. to avoid doing sth or to do it slowly
    • drag one's feet
    • Stop dragging your feet. Get on it right now.
  36. to approach someone directly
    ~에게 다가가다
    • walk up to
    • He walked up to me and said, he has seen me before somewhere.
  37. unexpected
    appearingly as if by magic
    • out of nowhere
    • She started to cry out of nowhere.
  38. to succeed
    • make it
    • I made it!
  39. to quickly piece sth together
    빠르게 끼워 맞추다, 뚝딱 만들다
    • hack together
    • I hacked together a project.
  40. famous ppl
    • big names
    • They are the big names in this business.
  41. an office worker who deals with paperwork or accounting
    • paper pusher
    • I'm just a paper pusher.
  42. a set course of action
    전략, 작전
    • game plan
    • This is our game plan.
  43. to be part of sth
    • be in
    • I'm in.
  44. the result after sth has ended
    결국, 어차피
    • after all
    • She immigrated to Australia after all.
  45. a decision based on sth uncertain instead of actual facts
    맹신, 근거없는 결정
    • leap of faith
    • Marrying him after one date is a real leap of faith.
  46. a way to precede a statement of fact with a personal disclaimer
    내 기억이 맞는다면…
    • If memory serves me (well)…
    • If memory serve me well, he was the smartest kid in my class.
  47. old fashioned; charming simple and plain
    오래된, 소박하지만 멋진
    • rustic
    • I love rustic villages in Europe.
  48. to say yes or agree with someone emphatically
    네 말이 맞아!
    • Don't you know it!
    • Don't you know it! I've read it at least 10 times.
  49. nakedness
    • birthday suit
    • Stop walking around the house in your birthday suit.
  50. to take a ride in a car or on a bike/motorcycle
    한 바퀴 돌다
    • go for a spin
    • would you like to go for a spin?
  51. to make a place messy or disorderly while in the act of searching for sth
    ~을 엉망으로 만들다
    • turn a place upside down
    • I turn my room upside down to find the car key.
  52. doing sth with youthful glee
    사탕가게에 있는 아이 같은
    • like a kid in a candy store
    • When I am at a bookstore, I become like a kid at a candy store.
  53. a bad habit that feels good
    죄책감이 느껴지는 즐거움, 일탈
    • guilty pleasure
    • Chocolate is my guilty pleasure.
  54. to get sth through luck or good fortune
    ~을 운좋게 차지하다 / 피하다
    • walk away with/without
    • Despite the bad car wreck, he walked away without a scratch.
  55. very cheap
    정말 싸게
    • for a song
    • I bought this bag for a song.
  56. memorable; extreme
    대단한, 기억할만한
    • epic
    • That was the most epic party ever!
  57. although it is unlikely
    • on the off chance
    • On the off chance you see him, please let me know.
  58. to go somewhere
    • make one's way
    • I made my way home.
  59. unlikely
    믿기 힘든
    • far-fetched
    • His story was far-fetched.
  60. should there be no other choice…
    • if worst comes to worst…
    • If worst comes to worst, we've got to go with the plan B.
  61. a list of ppl who were not the first selected for or the first to sign up for sth
    대기자 명단
    • wait list
    • Please, give your name for the wait list.
  62. the next thing
    다음 것
    • what's coming
    • I can't imagine what's coming.
  63. to fail in a big way
    완전히 망하다
    • tank
    • I totally tanked my interview.
  64. rude and aggressive
    • obnoxious
    • The clerk at the store was obnoxious.
  65. an opening phrase used to make an offer
    네말을 들어봐, 이렇게 하자
    • (I'll) tell you what
    • I'll tell you what, if you can come to my house by 7, I'll drive you to the airport.
  66. to make someone be prepared for the unexpected
    ~을 긴장하게 하다
    • keep one on one's toes
    • My boss always keep me on my toes.
  67. everything
    모든 것
    • the whole ball of wax
    • I learned the whole ball of wax in the university.
  68. to take precautions
    혹시 모르니
    • to be on the safe side
    • To be on the safe side, let's leave 30 minutes early.
  69. to do sth
    ~을 하다
    • get on
    • Get on it right now.
  70. a weak point
    • Achilles hell
    • My Achilles heel is that I enjoy eating too much.
  71. a hectic pace
    • hustle and bustle
    • I don't enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.
  72. the strongest predator in an ecosystem
    먹이 사슬의 가장 위
    • the top of the food chain
    • Humans are the top of the food chain.
  73. to attract more attention during an even than the main attraction
    관심을 끌다
    • steal the show
    • The supporting actor totally stole the show in the movie.
  74. to kill or injure sth/someone
    ~을 죽이다, 부상당하게 하다
    • take out
    • The mafia boss was taken out by his enemy.
  75. a shocking event that makes ppl take notice
    (정신이드는) 충격적인 사건, 계기
    • wake-up call
    • Seweulho incident was a wake-up call for everybody.
  76. to accept the consequences of sth
    • deal with it
    • I know it is difficult but you've got to deal with it.
  77. lacking money
    돈이 부족한
    • strapped for cash
    • I'm always strapped for cash.
  78. to be in no position morally to speak about sth
    be guilty of what one is speaking about
    이야기할 자격이 없다
    • have no room to talk
    • You have no room to talk.
  79. to have the necessary qualities to become sth
    ~에 대한 자질이 있다
    • have the makings of
    • You know, you have the makings of a great accountant.
  80. extremely pleased
    정말 기쁜
    • thrilled to bits
    • I'm thrilled to bits.
  81. to be terrified
    등골이 오싹하다
    • one's blood run cold
    • My blood ran cold when I heard the screeching sound.
  82. to finally understand or comprehend sth
    상황이 파악되다
    • sink in
    • It's going to sink in that you and him broke up.
  83. rare
    • few and far between
    • The opportunity was few and far between.
  84. to regret a decision that turned out badly
    • kick oneself
    • I kick myself for eating too much tonight.
  85. to make a phone call
    • get on the horn
    • You get on the horn, I look around.
  86. uncool, nerdy; not fashionable
    바보 같은
    • dorky
    • My dorky classmate is a millionaire now.
  87. to be reprimanded
    질책당하다 / 질책하다
    • get chewed out/ chew out
    • I got chewed out in front of the entire office.
  88. instead of
    그 대신에
    • as opposed to
    • As opposed to going shopping, let's go to the bookstore.
  89. to work extremely hard
    뼈 빠지게 일하다
    • bust one's ass/butt
    • I busted my butt to finish the project.
  90. a part of one's personality
    성격의 일부
    • ~side
    • If you get on my bad side, you'll see lots of things that you've never seen.
  91. to make repeated attempts at sth until one is successful
    • trial and error
    • Trial and error is the best way to solve a problem.
  92. a rehearsal
    리허설, 시험운전
    • practice run
    • We had two practice runs before the show.
  93. an enthusiastic way to say that sth is working well
    잘 되고 있어
    • now we're/ you're cooking
    • Now we are cooking!
  94. to become an expert of sth
    ~에 능숙해지다
    • master
    • I need to master the subject.
  95. prepared to begin
    시작할 준비가 된
    • ready to roll
    • I'm ready to roll.
  96. to hide from danger; to seek shelter
    몸을 피하다
    • run for cover
    • Run for cover! It's an earthquake!
  97. if necessary
    • if need be
    • If need be, I'll lend you my money.
  98. to take measures that go beyond what is necessary
    극단으로 흐르다
    • go to extremes
    • I will go to extreme to immigrate to Australia.
  99. amazed by sth
    ~을 경외하는
    • in awe of
    • I'm forever in awe of Mozart.
  100. to be very familiar with a topic
    ~을 속속들이 알다
    • know sth backwards and forwards
    • The hikers know the mountains backwards and forwards.
  101. to try sth, but not in a fully committed way
    미리 상황을 파악하다, 사정을 살피다
    • test the waters
    • The company was testing the waters with different types of advertising.
  102. to act depressed and glum around other ppl
    침울하게 서성거리다
    • mope around
    • Stop moping around the house and do something.
  103. to launch a business
    (간판을 내걸고) 사업을 시작하다
    • hang out one's shingle
    • My sister finally hung out her shingle.
  104. to be rewarded for one's pest efforts
    결실을 보다
    • reap the harvest
    • My sister finally reaped the harvest.
  105. to make a minor adjustment to sth
    약간 수정하다
    • tweak
    • I tweaked my resume.
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