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  1. administrator full time
    36 hours 4 days per week
  2. director of nursing
    36 hours  four days with at least 50 percent of these hours between 7am and 7pm
  3. activity director
    four days week
  4. alzheimers special care unit
    36 hours 4 days a week
  5. weekly employees time schedules
    one year
  6. annual financial statements, resident council meeting minutes , in service training records, incident reports, emergency medication kit reviews, consultants reports, employee quartelyreports filed  for social security and unemployment  compensation
    three years
  7. written evaluation of fore anddisaster   drills
    one year
  8. resident records
    5 years after death or discharge
  9. menus
    30 days
  10. food purchase records
    30 days
  11. food label  information
    current menu cycle
  12. criminal records checks
    results and waivers
    • 5 years
    • duration of individuals employment
  13. Certified therapeutic recreation specialist, registeredlicensed   occupational therapist, or licensed social worker who has had special course work to provide consultation for activity director
    monthly ( only quarterly if activity director has any one of th three combinations of education  and experience specified
  14. consultant pharmacist
    monthly reviews of medical records at facility and quarterly meetings of pharmaceutical services committee
  15. dietician
    • snf- 8 hours per month plus 5 month  perresident over   50
    • icf-  8 hours pee month plus a4 minutes for resident over 50
  16. release restraints for few min
    two hours after last release of a restrained resident from physical restraint
  17. obtain a confirming order fromphysician   for restraint
    8 hours after a supervisory nurse approves a the emergency restraints
  18. serve breakfast
    14 hours after substantial evening meal
  19. rewuest a criminal background check
    24 hours after resident admission
  20. complete comprehensive evaluation
    24 hours after residents admission to dementia special car unit
  21. notify  pharmacist
    24 hours after controlled substances  portionof emergency   medication kit is opened
  22. phone or fax reports to department regional office, or phone the hotline
    24 hours  after any serious incident or accident  one that causes physical harm or injury and after any disaster requiring the services of a hospital or a police or fire department
  23. send written report to department  following immediate   report to hotline
    24 hours after  becoming aware of abuse or neglect
  24. have  orders reviewed by director of nursing or charge nurse designee
    24 hours after new physician orders  have been reviewed
  25. give state prescribed printed explanation of resident rights to resident or other person acting for the resident
    48 hours after each admission
  26. review the oral liquid diet
    48 hours after the most recent review of each oral liquid
  27. complete discharge information
    48 hours after discharge of a resident
  28. physical exam
    72 hours after initial admission or within five days before the admission
  29. send written account to department
    7 days after any serious incident or accident and after any disaster requiring the services of a a hospital or police or fire department
  30. sanitize equipment
    7 days after last sanitization of individually assigned bedpans, urinals and similar equipment
  31. administer first part of two part tb skin test 1
    1o days after new employee starts work
  32. mark dentures
    1o days after admission of a resident
  33. provide department with any comments of documents which may refute or mitigate findings
    10 days after receipt of the report of findings
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