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  1. What is Sociology?
    The systematic study of social interaction at a variety of different levels
  2. What does the systematic study assume?
    That social behavior is regular and patterned
  3. Social Interaction
    The process of acting toward and reacting to people around us
  4. Social interaction happens between?
    Individual, groups and nations
  5. Sociology studies how are
  6. Sociology is more than
    Common sense
  7. Common sense is
    Subjective, ignores facts, varies across groups and cultures, and is based on myths and misconceptions
  8. Social Imagination
    The ability to see the connection between individuals lives larger and social influences
  9. Who developed Social imagination
    C. Wright Mills
  10. Social Imagination distinguishes between
    • Personal troubles (biography)¬†
    • Structural issues (public and historical)
  11. Microsociology
    • Focuses on small scale patterns of individuals social interaction in specific settings¬†
    • -Individuals interacting as friends
    • -Patterns of interaction within families
  12. Macrosociology
    • Focuses on large scale patterns and processes that characterize society as a whole
    • - Comparison of divorce rates for different countries¬†
    • - Effect of trade policies on unemployment rates
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