Sociology Chp.1 (2)

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  1. How could each of these situations be both a trouble (micro) and a structural issue (macro)?
    Illness, unemployment, oil spill
  2. Why sociology important?
    Making informed decisions, understanding diversity, shaping social and public policies, thinking critically, expanding your career opportunities
  3. Sociology is based on
    theory and empirical information
  4. Theory
    A set of statements that explains why a phenomenon occurs
  5. Empirical information
    Info based on observations, experiments, or experiences
  6. Auguste Comte
    • "Father of Sociology"
    • Argued for empirical study of society 
    • Analyzed social statics and dynamics
  7. Harriet Martineau
    • Translated Comte's work
    • Emphasized systematic data collection 
    • Opposed slavery and advocated for women's rights
  8. Emile Durkheim
    • Analyzed social facts, social solidarity, and division of labor
    • Conducted study of suicide and social integration
  9. Karl Max
    • Analyzed the Industrial Revolution 
    • Studied capitalism, class conflict, and alienation
  10. Max Weber
    • Argued for the importance of ideas, ideologies and charismatic leaders
    • Used verstehen or subjective understanding 
    • Argued for value free sociology
  11. Jane Adams
    • Cofounded Full House 
    • Studied social disorganization and immigration
  12. W.E.B DuBois
    • Cofounded NAACP
    • Examined oppressive effects of race and class
  13. Theories are __ and ___
    tools, evolve over time
  14. Contemporary theories grew out of the
    1950's and 1960's
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