Sociology Chp.1 (3)

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  1. Functionalism
    Emphasizes order, cohesion, and censuses
  2. A complex system of interdependent parts that work together to ensure a society's survival
  3. Functions
    Are purposes and activities to meet different needs that contribute to a society's stability
  4. Manifest Functions
    Are intended and recognized (Obvious)
  5. Latent functions
    Are unintended and unrecognized (Unnoticed)
  6. Dysfunctions
    Have negative impacts
  7. Conflict theory
    Examines the ways in which groups disagree, struggle over power, and compete for scare resources
  8. Karl Max predicted that conflict
    Would result in widespread economic inequality
  9. Conflict theories studies
    The "haves" and the "have nots"
  10. The "Haves"
    Dominate in social, political, and economic activities over the "have nots"
  11. Feminist Theories
    Explain the social, economic, and political position of women in society
  12. Women suffer injustice because of their __
  13. Feminist seek to
    free women from traditionally oppressive expectations and constraints
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