Chapt 1 Study Guide: Americans & Their History

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  1. The Founding Father that wrote the Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson
  2. President Thomas Jefferson bought ______ from Napoleon in 1803.
    Louisiana Territory
  3. Why were colonists in North America angry with Great Britain?
    They felt they were taking away their rights.
  4. What is the "New Deal Program" that still exists today?
    Social Security
  5. The Louisiana Purchase _____________ of the United States
    Doubled the size
  6. Why did many Americans move west in the 1840's?
    In search of land and gold
  7. A plan of Government
  8. To break away or formally withdraw
  9. A period of time when the economy slows down and people lose their jobs
  10. People who study the artifacts of ancient cultures.
  11. Who helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when he  led nonviolent protests to support civil rights?
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  12. Why did Native American groups move to reservations in the 1800's?
    The government forced them to
  13. Who was opposed to the US in the Cold War?
    The Soviet Union
  14. How did the first Americans travel to the Americas?
    By walking on land that connected Asia to America hundreds of years ago.
  15. What year did Japan attack Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?
  16. Who bought the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon in 1803?
    President Thomas Jefferson
  17. When did Americans start to move West in search of land and gold?
  18. Which region had factories in its cities and used free labor - North or South?
  19. What year was the Civil Rights Act passed?
  20. What group of people did the government force to move to reservations in the 1800's?
    Native Americans
  21. Who attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941?
  22. What city did Japan attack in 1941?
    Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  23. What year did Thomas Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon?
  24. Who did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory from in 1803?
  25. The belief that government should control everything in a country.
  26. Why did Communism cause tension between the US and the Soviet Union after WWII?
    The Soviet Union was a Communist country that wanted to expand communism in the world. The US did NOT want communism to spread. This disagreement cause tension between the two nations.
  27. What two people were chosen by Thomas Jefferson to lead an expedition to the Pacific Coast?
    Meriwether Lewis & William Clark.
  28. What was the purpose of Lewis & Clark's expedition to the Pacific Coast?
    Jefferson wanted them to find a river route to the Pacific Coast. He also wanted to make contact with the Native Americans in the region.
  29. Why were Southerners angry when Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the US?
    Abraham Lincoln wanted to stop the spread of slavery in the US. The Southern economy depended on using slaves to work the plantations.
  30. How did Southern States respond to Lincoln's election?
    When Lincoln was elected, many Southerners were angry because they believed he would try to end slavery. Southern states began to leave the union, forming the Confederate States of America which began The Civil War.
  31. Why were some Americans unhappy about the groups of immigrants who came to the US in the 1800's?
    They were afraid immigrants would take their jobs. They were nervous about people whose religion or customs were different. However, the large industries in the cities needed workers and many immigrants were able to find work.
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