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  1. The ___ Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees every criminal defendant's right to a jury trial.
  2. Which agency is responsibly for compiling the NCVS?
    Bureau of Justice Statistics
  3. The ___ is based upon victim self-reports rather than on police reports.
    National Crime Victimization Survey
  4. Most aggravated assaults were committed with...
    blunt objects
  5. The Uniform Crime Reports were originated by United States Congressional authorization to the attorney general in...
  6. William Sheldon believed predominately ____ individuals were most prone to aggression, violence, and delinquency.
  7. Walter Reckless's containment theory describes two type of containment that are known as...
    inner and outer
  8. Atavism is...
    a condition characterized by the existence of features thought to be common in earlier stages of human evolution
  9. Which of Sheldon's body types is characterized by thinness, fragility, and delicacy?
  10. According to ____, criminal behavior is learned.
  11. In the multiple-murder trial of Colin Ferguson, who was charged with killing six passengers and wounding 19 others, which defense was used?
    Black rage
  12. The Metropolitan Police of London...
    was formed in 1829, was formed by Sir Robert Peel, and adopted a military administrative state
  13. The Bow Street Runners
    were the most disciplined enforcement agents in London and were created by Henry Fielding
  14. Attempts to police the early western frontier were known as...
    lynch law
  15. Which commission, started in 1931, recognized prohibition as unenforceable as well as a catalyst to police corruption?
  16. The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment established that...
    preventive patrol doesn't affect citizen fear of crime
  17. What state had the first modern state police agency?
  18. What is the most effective way to combat corruption in police work?
    High Moral Standards
  19. What factors influence a police officer's use of discretion?
    Pressure from victims, departmental policy, and background of the officer
  20. Who coined the phrase working personality of police officers?
    Jerome Skolnick
  21. What name is most closely associated with the Watchman style of policing?
    James Q. Wilson
  22. A police officer can be sued for...
    false arrest, failure to prevent a foreseeable crime, negligence in the care of persons in police custody
  23. Which of the following is a type of police corruption that involves the active seeking of illicit money-making opportunities by officers?
    Meat Eating
  24. Which 1960s U.S. Supreme Court dramatically changed by the day-to-day practice of American policing?
    Warren Court
  25. Which legal principle excludes any evidence resulting from an originally illegal search or seizure from introduction at trial?
    Fruit-of-the-poisoned-tree doctrine
  26. Which Amendment guarantees against self-incrimination and excludes any form of coercion during interrogation?
  27. When Jill Cessia appeared at her first appearance, Judge Smith set bail at $10,000. She was released when she paid $1,500 to a bail bondsman. This is an example of...
    privately secured bail
  28. The most widely used system of indigent defense is...
    court-appointed defense attorneys
  29. The federal Speedy Trial Act allows for the dismissal of charges when the prosecution does not seek indictment within ___ days of arrest, or when a trial does not begin within ___ days after indictment.
    35; 70
  30. Proportionality seeks to ____
    balance the severity of sanctions and the seriousness of the crime
  31. Which sentencing practice specifies a sentencing range for each criminal offense?
  32. Who is recognized as the world's first probation officer?
    John Augustus
  33. The Pennsylvania style of imprisonment was characterized by...
    solitary confinement and individual cells
  34. Quakers, penance, and the Pennsylvania style of imprisonment are tied to the ____ era.
  35. During the early decades of this century, there was opposition to prison industries primarily because they...
    threatened the hobs of workers.
  36. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter provides an example of what type of punishment?
  37. The Auburn system of imprisonment became popular during which prison era?
    mass prison
  38. Which prison era characterized security, and was based on the belief that prisoners owed a debt to society?
  39. Erving Goffman used what term to describe how small societies develop when cut off from the larger society?
    total institution
  40. In the Society of Captives, Greshman Sykes described...
    the pains of imprisonment
  41. What piece of 1899 legislature "became the model for juvenile court statutes throughout the nation?"
    The Illinois Juvenile Court Act
  42. Which piece of drug legislation provided for capital punishment for drug-related murders?
    Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988
  43. The two legal concepts which have taken on special significance in the area of case law pertaining to drug investigation are...
    abandonment and curtilage
  44. Who created the first "modern" system of personal identification?
    Alphonse Bertillon
  45. Which of the following is the most serious type of computer crime?
    data manipulation
  46. Who coined the term "white-collar crime"?
    Edwin Sutherland
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