cross cult vocab 1

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  1. cultural psychology
    uses theories and methods to show how important culture is to mental process. (behavior)
  2. cross cultural research
    test cultural parameter; involves research on human behavior and compares psychological processes bw 2 or more cultures.
  3. cultural worldviews
    beliefs that every culture has about the world (vary). contain attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and values. worldviews come from people who are evolved with complex thinking (worldview universal)
  4. culture
    information sys shared by a group and passed through generations. helps with survival, happiness, well being
  5. culture specific
    psychological process that is considered to be true for some pple of some cultures but not for others.
  6. enculturation
    process of learning about and being immersed in a culture
  7. emics
    things in life that differ between cultures (truth/principles culture specific)
  8. etics
    things in life that are consistent across diff cultures (universal)
  9. ratchet effect
    concept: humans constantly  improving, never go backward. improvement move humans upward
  10. self concept
    central to a persons ID. partially conscious/unconscious. Idea about one's self (mental, physical, historical, relational)
  11. shared intentionality
    knowing motivations and how they influence behaviors of people in groups.
  12. social axioms
    beliefs about ones self in a social , physical environment, and spiritual world. used to guide behavior in daily life.
  13. universal psychological toolkit
    trans-situational goal that helps guide a person/group through life. (ex. kindness) values motivate and justify behavior and serve as a standing for judging others actions and events
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