Chapter 2 - Research Questions, Hypothesis, clinical questions

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  1. Problem statement which presents the idea to be examined in the study andis the foundation of the research study.
    Research Question
  2. Intelligent hunches, guesses, or predictions that help researchers seek a solution or answer to a research question.

    A declarative statement about the realtionship between two or more variables that suggests an answer to the research question.
  3. A set of interrelated concepts, definitions, and propositions.
  4. Properties that vary.

    ex. age, weight, religion, etc.
  5. The variable (x) that has the presumed effect on the dependent variable.
    Can be manipulated by the researcher in experimental research.
    Independent Variable
  6. The variable (y) that varies with a change in the independent variable.

    Can not be manipulated.

    It is the variable that researchers ar interested in understanding, explaining, or predicting.
    Dependent Variable
  7. A well defined set that has certain properties and is specified or implied in the research question.
  8. Measurable by either qualitative or quantitative methods.
  9. Encompasses the aims or objectives the investigator hopes to achieve with the research, not the question to be answered.
  10. The variables of the study must lend themselves to observation, measurement, and analysis.
  11. Contains more than one independent or dependent variable.
  12. A scientific hypothesis, consists of a statement about the expected relationship of variables.

    Indicates what the outcome of the study is expected to be.
    Research Hypothesis
  13. Also known as the null hypothesis, states that there is no relationship between the independednt and dependent variables.
    Statistical Hypothesis
  14. Specifies the expected direction of the relationship
    Directional Hypothesis
  15. Indicates the existence of a relationship between two variables, but does not specify the anticipated direction of the relationship.
    Non directional hypothesis
  16. Form a basis for searching the literature to identify supporting evidence from research.
    Clinical questions
  17. Four components of clinical questions.
    • *Population
    • *Intervention
    • *Comparison
    • *Outcome
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