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    • what includes protecting the system from intrusive or destructive behavior originating from internal and external sources
    • security
  1. what enables scanning and cleaning the servers of viruses
  2. what is the current audit file named
    • /var/log/audit/audit.log
    • also in chronological order
  3. who are all monitored
    all user, including root
  4. what are the system activities are in a audit
    • system administration
    • user activity
  5. what is the anti-virus used
    McAfee VirusScan
  6. what command runs antivirus scan
  7. what does DISA stand for
    defense infromation systems agency
  8. what does STIGS stand for
    security technical implementation guides
  9. how often does it say to reset your password
    80 days
  10. what are the three primary accounts setup during system build
    • root
    • sysadmin
    • sybase
  11. what does PAM stand for
    pluggable authentication module
  12. what are the four independent functions that PAM is responsible for
    • account management
    • authentication management
    • password management
    • session management
  13. what does CSR stand for
    certificate signing request
  14. what does LRA stand for
    local registration authority
  15. what does LDAP stand for
    lightweight directory access protocol
  16. what is a binary protocol that gives NTCSS an added layer of system security
  17. what are any AIT tapes used to backup or restore the sytem and /or its databases
    NTCSS optimized archives
  18. what are NTCSS backups broken down into
    • full system
    • databases
    • transaction logs
  19. what are the different types of backups that should be done
    • daily
    • weekly
    • monthly
    • yearly
    • before system modifications
    • after system modifications
  20. when are database backup done
    at 2230
  21. what is the default amount of backups
    • 3
    • but can have one to seven
  22. before performing a special backup of the file system, such as before a system upgrade what must be done
    a manual backup of the database
  23. what are transaction log backups run
    hourly every day at 10 minutes after the hour between 210 and 2110
  24. what is responsible for the management of offline media (ie. tapes, compact discs)
    the media library manager ( librarian)
  25. who will maintain the list of changes made to software, along with a copy of all blocks, patches, and releases in date-installed order for the life cycle of the current baseline
    the librarian
  26. how long is daily weekly end of month and end of year retained for
    • daily 30 days
    • weekly 1 month
    • end of month 12 months
    • end of year 3 years
  27. what are the hours of operations
    • day crew - 0730-1630
    • night crew - 1200-2000
    • mid crew - 0400-1200
  28. who daily standard operating procedures that consists of checking the system according to the NTCSS systems administration manaual checklist
  29. what are in BOOT jobs for RSUPPLY
    • CTL_QUEUE,
    • picking tickets
    • outgoing interface daemon
  30. what are in BOOT job for NALCOMIS
    outgoing interface daemon
  31. what will contain an entry of dump status each hour
    the system operation logbook
  32. where are the logdumps located
  33. how many passes of daily save tapes are required for RSUPPLY/NALCOMIS
  34. what does MOP stand for
    monthly operation plan
  35. what includes at minimum , the system and network scheduled down time, tech training schedule, collateral duties, work schedule, work schedule, and USMC training schedule,
  36. who is responsible for applying all NTCSS software updates
  37. who must perform two complete system saves prior to any application software update
  38. what refers to processes required to return the system to a valid operational state
    disaster recovery
  39. what are the level of disaster recovery
    • full disaster recovery
    • database recovery
    • file system recovery
    • RAID array degradation
  40. if the system has been degraded to the point that power up and /or login to the system console is not possible, what must be done
    full disaster recovery
  41. what does EEC stand for
    electrical equipment cabinets
  42. what does CB stand for
    circuit breaker
  43. what controls power into the ECC
    the CB01
  44. what does UPS stand for
    uninterruptible power supply
  45. what are the loads on the OL-754
    • load 1 RSUPPLy
    • load 2 monitor/keyboard unit
    • load 3 KVT switch
    • load 4 NALCOMIS
  46. what are the load on the OL-755
    load 1 O@IMA
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