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    • what is the client secure shell (SSH) application loaded on the client workstation that enables users to log on to a server from a client workstation
    • PuTTY
  1. where must SSH be to successfully log on to the remote server from a workstation
    on the server
  2. what port does SSH utilize
  3. where is the output of the system startup roll call written to
  4. how many linux server run levels are there
    • 7
    • 0-6
  5. what run level on linux server is system halted
    run level 0
  6. what run level on linux server is single user mode
    run level 1
  7. what run level on linux server is single user mode with networking
    run level 2
  8. what run level on linux server is mutli-user mode - boot up in text mode
    run level 3
  9. what run level on linux server is not yet defined
    run level 4
  10. what run level on linux server is multi-user mode - boot up in X windows
    run level 5
  11. what run level on linux server is shutdown & reboot
    run level 6
  12. what command will list all the registered services and display their status at each different run level
  13. what command will shutdown in an orderly manner and then power itself off
    shutdown -hy now
  14. access to the NTCSS desktop requires what
    • valid windows server
    • NTCSS account
  15. who provides security for sensitive and valuable data contained in the databases associated with various application programs
    the user administration facility
  16. who should take all precautions necessary to ensure that user accounts are properly created and maintained
    the system administrator
  17. access to application programs is controlled through the use of what and what
    • program membership
    • access role assignments
  18. what are used to control access to the utilities available within a program group (application programs)
    access role assignments
  19. what are the two application roles
    • application administrator
    • user
  20. what are the boot user of RSUPPLY NALCOMIS OMMSNG and RADM
    • supbtusr
    • imabtusr
    • ommsbtusr
    • radmbtusr
  21. what is the default port for the CUPS service
    • 631
    • 512 is the legacy
  22. what is a program which runs in the background on the application server
    a batch job
  23. what is an NTCSS administrative process where application jobs can be monitored, managed and scheduled
    the batch job queue
  24. jobs are submitted to the batch job queue in various methods what are they
    • direct execution
    • scheduled jobs
    • boot jobs
    • predefined jobs
  25. the NTCSS system monitor utility enables NTCSS administrators to perform what tasks
    • view system information
    • perform administrative tasks
    • view printer status information
    • filter system log records
  26. when do system monitor utility changes take effect
  27. what is a software program designed to provide relational database management services (RDBMS) for a structured hardware system
    the sybase adaptive server enterprise (ASE)
  28. what are the two parts that NTCSS adaptive server is divided into
    • database server
    • backup server
  29. what controls user databases and the operation of ASE/SQL server as a whole
    the master database or master
  30. what is an executable collection of ASE/SQL statements and options stored under a file name
    a stored procedure
  31. where are sybase system procedures stored at in the database
  32. what is a stored procedure that instructs the sytem to take one or more actions when a specific change is attempted
    a trigger
  33. when do triggers go in to effect
    when a user attempts to modify data with an insert, delete, or update command
  34. what does DBCC stand for
    database consistency check
  35. what certifies the logical and physical consistency of a database
    DBCC (database consistency check)
  36. what does NDUP stand for
    NTCSS database update program
  37. when is NDUP ran
    only when a software release package has been received by SPAWAR
  38. what provides a means of transferring data or files from one host computer to another
    the optimized interface system
  39. what are defined rules which are used by computers over network for manipulating and moving data
  40. NTCSS paxferd daemons transfer data from a host server to a remote server using what
    the net_xfer utility located in /h/NTCSSS/bin directory
  41. what uses an automatically activated program called a daemon to transfer data from the host application server to a remote server
    the interface system
  42. where is the log file where all the transactions for the paxferd daemons will be written
  43. where is the paxferd daemon configuration file
  44. where is the system configuration file containing the IP address and host name of other servers and remote devices
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