EKG Quiz

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  1. What do you do when you come upon an unresponsive adult?
    • activate emergency response
    • tell somebody to get AED
    • check pulse
    • no pulse 2 minutes of CPR 30-2
    • AED reads....shockable rhythm or not?
  2. Describe high quality CPR
    • 100 compressions/min
    • compress 2 inches in
  3. When a person has persistent brady or tachy what do I find out?
    • is it causing....
    • hypotension
    • altered levels of LOC
    • are there signs of shock
    • chest pain
    • s/s of acute CHF
  4. If a person has persistent brady or tachy what is the first line of treatment for both?
    figure out the underlying cause and treat it
  5. If there are no signs of problems for a person with persistent brady what do I do?
    monitor and observe
  6. If a person has persistent brady and is symptomatic what do I do?
    give drugs

    • atropine
    • dopamine
    • epi
    • transcutaneous pacing
  7. If a person has persistent tachy and is symptomatic what do I do?
  8. If a person has persistent tachy but not problems what do I do?
    vagal maneuver

    • drugs
    • adenosine
    • Beta Blockers
    • Calcium Channel Blockers
  9. If a persons AED shows V Fib or pulseless V Tach what do I do?
    • CPR for 2 min
    • shock
    • CPR 2 min
    • shock

    • Drugs
    • epi, vaso, epi
    • or vaso, epi, epi
  10. If you have a patient who has asystole or PEA, what do you do?
    • CPR for 2 min
    • and EPI every 3-5 minutes
  11. How do you treat atrial flutter and atrial fibrilation?
    Cardioversion ASAP if it has been happening for less than 48 hours

    If over 48 hours then go on anti coagulation therapy first
  12. Meds for Atrial Fibrilation
    • Beta Blockers¬†
    • Calcium Channel Blockers
  13. Meds for Atrial Flutter
    • Beta Blockers
    • Calcium Channel Blockers
    • Digoxin
  14. How do you treat asymptomatic PVC and PAC with no underlying heart disease?
    teach them to minimize stress, anxiety, alcohol and no caffeine or tobacco
  15. How do you treat PVC and PAC on a person that has underlying heart disease?
    • Beta Blockers
    • Calcium Channel Blockers
    • Ablation
  16. 1 mg=
    1000 mcg
  17. 1 gm=
    1000 mg
  18. H's
    • hypovolemia
    • hypo/hyperkalemia
    • hydrogen-acidosis
    • hypoxia
    • hypothermia
  19. T's
    • Tamponade
    • Toxins
    • Trauma
    • Thrombosis
    • Tension pneumothorax
  20. What does Amioderone do? How?

    causes a delay in repolarization
  21. What does vasopressin do?
    What does it treat?
    maintains cardiac perfusion

    cardiac arrest/asystole

    anti diuretic hormone that regulates plasma osmolality
  22. What does Adenosine treat?
    stops Super Ventricular Tachycardia

    causes transient heart block in the AV node
  23. What does Epi treat?
    PEA, Asystole, V fib and pulseless V Tach

    tightens blood vessels increasing HR, SV and arterial blood pressure
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