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  1. What was Reconstruction?
    Reconstruction was the rebuilding of the South after the Cilvil War.
  2. What years did Reconstruction occur?
    • 1865-1877.
    • Congress Starts reconstruction plan in 1867
  3. What war was Reconstruction after?
    Cilvil War
  4. Where did this take place(Reconstruction)?
    The Southern States
  5. Note: The aims (or purpose) of Reconstruction were different for different groups of Americans.  Lincoln, Johnson, southerners, and Congress all had a different aim(purpose).
  6. What was Abraham Lincoln's aim of Reconstruction?
    Lincoln made it easy 10% plan confederate solders run for office.
  7. What was Vice President Andrew Johnson's aim of Reconstruction?
    President Johnson easy 10% plan had to ask for pardon/forgiveness.
  8. What was the aim of many southerners regarding Reconstruction?
    They agreed to end Slavery because they had to.  They did not what the South to change.
  9. What was the United States Congress' aim of Reconstruction?
    • Make it difficult:
    • 1.  ex-confederate could not run for office
    • 2.  end slavery
  10. What was something in common with President Lincoln's, Johnson's and Congress' plan for Reconstruction?
    Goal to end slavery and reunite the union.
  11. What were major differences in the plans?
    Lincoln and Jackson were easy and did want confederate leaders in office.

    Congress was hard and did not want confederate leaders in political office.
  12. Note:
    The 13th, 14th, and 15th Reconstruction Amendments were designed to end slavery and protect the rights of the newly freed slaves.
    Note:The 13th, 14th, and 15th Reconstruction Amendments were designed to end slavery and protect the rights of the newly freed slaves.
  13. What right did the 13th amendment do?
    13th:  Abolished Slavery
  14. What right did the 14th Amendment do?
    14th:  Gave citizenship to all former slaves.
  15. What did the 15thAmendment do?
    15th: Gave all men the right to vote
  16. Describe the Freedmen's Bureau and what it did to help?
    • They established schools, hospitals, goods
    • and helped with paperwork for land
  17. What were effects of Reconstruction on African Americans?
    They were free, but had very limited freedom because of black codes many had to go back to farms were they had become slaves and became sharecroppers. They were able to look for relatives.
  18. How did Reconstruction affect white plantation owners?
    They lost their labor force they had and were not able to make the money.
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