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vocabulary and other stuff
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  1. cellular respiration
    living cells obtain energy from organic molecules and release waste products
  2. metabolism
    the breakdown and synthesis of cellular molecules in chemical reaction
  3. homeostasis
    organisms regulate their own cells and body to maintain a stable internal temperature
  4. gene
    unit of heredity that contributes to the trait of an organism. it is composed of an organized sequence of DNA
  5. RNA
    single strand of nucleotides
  6. molecule
    2 or more atoms connected by chemical bonds
  7. organisms
    a living thing that maintains an internal order that is separated from the environment
  8. species
    a group of related organisms that share a distinctive form of nature and are capable of interbreeding
  9. population
    a group of individuals of the same species that occupy the same environment and interbreed with one another
  10. community
    different species that live together
  11. ecosystem
    biotic community of organisms in an area as well as the abiotic environment affecting that community
  12. mutations
    heritable change in the genetic material of an organism
  13. cytokinesis
    division of cytoplasm tat produce 2 daughter cells
  14. mitosis
    division of one nucleus into 2 nuclei followed by cytokinesis
  15. centromere
    2 sister chromatids are tightly associated at a region
  16. kinetochore
    sorting chromosome.
  17. prometaphase
    nuclear envelope completely fragments into small vesicles, forming mitotic spindle
  18. tetrad(bivalent)
    homologous pair of sister chromatids associate with each other, lying side by side
  19. synapsis
    process of forming bivalent
  20. crossing-over
    exchange between chromosome segments of bivalent
  21. chiasma
    arms of chromosomes separate but remain at crossover site after crossing- over

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