Intro: Pathophysiology

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  1. The physiology of altered health/study of dysfunction?
  2. Sequence of cellular/tissue events that take place from the time of initial contact with an etiological agent, until the ultimate expression of disease?
  3. Study of identifying causes?
  4. Something that can be measured?
  5. Complaint noted by the person with a disorder?
  6. Manifestation noted by an observer?
  7. Lesions or impairments that follow or are caused by a disease?
  8. Continuous, long process/can run a continuous course to can present with remission periods?
    Chronic Disease
  9. Period where there's a decrease in severity and symptoms?
  10. Refers to individual who harbors an organism but isn't infected/they can still infect others/may be of limited duration or be chronic?
    Carrier Status
  11. Increase in severity of a disease as marked by greater intensity in any of its signs and symptoms?
  12. Relatively severe, but self limiting?
    Acute Disorder
  13. False Positive vs. False Negative?
    False positive can be stressful for person being tested and false negative can delay diagnosis and jeopordize outcome of treatment
  14. Study of disease trends in given population?
  15. Biomedical Researches vs. Epidemiologists?
    Biomedical researches seek to elucidate the mechanisms of disease production while epidemiologists are more concerned with whether something happens than how it happens
  16. Rate at which a certain event occurs/reflects number of new cases arising in a population at risk during specified time?
  17. Diseased condition or state/incidence of a disease in population/describes effects an illness has on a persons life?
  18. Death producing characteristics of a disease/provide info about causes of death in given population?
  19. Group of persons who were born approximately at the same time or share some characteristics of interest?
  20. 400BC
    Created Code of Ethics
    Took Careful Notes, observed everyone
    Got sick cus of gods/He said no, natural causes
    illegal to do surgeries 
    2 Themes:no harm patients/confidentiality
  21. did NOT perform autopsies on humans
    physician for Gladiators
    world didn't allow autopsies 
    dissected animals instead
    created own drugs
    Aelius Galen
  22. Wrote first human anatomy book(1543/De Humani fabric)
    Jan Van Calcar -did the drawings
    Catholic church, Gallows Hills, do autopsies only on executed criminals
    Andreas Vesalius
  23. Used primarily vivisections
    Learned heart pumps blood, not lungs
    William Harvey
  24. Invented vaccinations 
    James Phipps, intentionally infected small pox
    Killed 1 in 3 kids
    Edward Jenner
  25. Surgeon, worked in operating theaters 
    Used carbolic acid in rooms/wounds
    cleaned wounds, helped survival rate
    Joseph Lister
  26. Performed experiment that confirmed germ theory of diseases

    Attributed to vaccines: Rabes, Anthrox, Pasteurization
    Louis Pasteur
  27. Created early staining procedure to see bacteria better

    Wanted to find cure to Sifolous 

    Created early chemo
    Paul Ehrlich
  28. Discovered Penacilin (Nobel Prize)
    Alexander Flemming
  29. Discovered curing effect of penacilin
    Ernst Boris Chain
  30. Discovered DNA/no experiments
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