Organization and Management Quiz 3

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  1. What are the 7 identified specific ways that managers can encourage ethical behavior and create a comprehensive ethics program
    • 1. Employee Selection
    • 2. Codes of Ethics and Decision Rules
    • 3. Leadership
    • 4. Job Goals and Performance Appraisal
    • 5. Ethics Training
    • 6. Independent Social Audits
    • 7. Protective Mechanisms
  2. How did Rueben Mark exert ethical leadership?
    He returned Dial's strategic marketing plan that a former Dial associate who had joined Colgate-Palmolive had given to him, without looking at, he also was going to deal with the new salesperson accordingly
  3. What are whistle-blowers?
    Employees who raise ethical issues or concerns that they face with their managers or supervisors
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Organization and Management Quiz 3
Organization and Management Quiz 3
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