Ch 5 Phonetics

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  1. produced with resonance occuring throughout the entire vocal tract
    sonorant consonants
  2. consonants are produced by these because airflow is obstructed during their articulation
  3. Consonants that occur before a vowel in any syllable are referred to as
  4. consonants that occur after a vowel are referred to as
  5. consonants located between two vowels are termed
  6. because vowels can form the nucleus of a syllable, they are said to be _____
  7. refers to the way in which the airstream is modified as it passes through the vocal tract
    Manner of Production
  8. to determine ___ __ ___ we need to know which speech organs are active in production of that consonant
    place of articulation
  9. Articulators involved: upper and lower lips
  10. articulators involved: lower lip and upper central incisors
  11. articulators involved: tongue apex (or blade) and teeth
  12. articulators involved: tongue apex (or blade) and alveolar ridge
  13. articulators involved: blade of tongue and hard palate
  14. articulators involved: back of tongue and velum
  15. articulators involved: vocal folds
  16. articulators involved: tongue
  17. Stop Consonant: voiceless bilabial stop
    /p/ ex: played, appear
  18. Stop Consonant: voiced bilabial stop
    /b/ ex: breeze, rube
  19. Stop Consonant: voiceless alveolar stop
    /t/ ex: taste, stick
  20. Stop Consonant: voiced alveolar stop
    /d/ ex: dunce, address
  21. Stop Consonant, Allophone of /t/ and /d/ : Alveolar Tap
    /ɾ/ ex: whittle, battle, cutie
  22. Stop Consonant Allophone of /t/ and /d/ : Glottal Stop
    /ʔ/ ex: button, mountain, hat, fatten. Li'l bi' of tea
  23. Stop Consonant: voiceless, velar stop
    /k/ ex: cotton, wreck, opaque
  24. Stop Consonant: voiced, velar stop
    /g/ ex: gold, rugged, ghandi
  25. Nasal consonant: voiced, bilabial nasal
    /m/ ex: mark, slam, mend, cramp
  26. Nasal Consonant: voiced, alveolar nasal
    /n/ ex: note, nail, runner
  27. Nasal Consonant: voiced, velar nasal
    /ŋ/ ex: ring, wrangler, being
  28. Fricatives: voiceless, labiodental fricative
    /f/ ex: free, foam, phobia
  29. Fricatives: voiced, labiodental fricative
    /v/ ex: veal, love, calves
  30. Fricatives: voiceless, interdental fricative
    /θ/ ex: thermal, thought, froth
  31. Fricatives: voiced, interdental fricative
    /ð/ ex: though, lathe, feather
  32. Fricatives: voiceless, alveolar fricative
    /s/ ex: sew, centaur, assert
  33. Fricative: voiced, alveolar fricative
    /z/ ex: zenith, azalea, fuzzy
  34. Fricative: voiceless, palatal (post alveolar) fricative
    /ʃ/ ex: shook, sure, mansion
  35. Fricative: voiced, palatal (post alveolar) fricative
    /ʒ/ ex: fusion, casual, profusion
  36. Fricatives: voiceless. glottal fricative
    /h/ ex: hook, whose, helium
  37. Affricate: voiceless, palatal affricate
    /tʃ/ ex: chick, righteous, nature
  38. Affricate: voiced, palatal affricate
    /dʒ/ ex: jelly, adjoin, injure
  39. Approximant Glides: voiced, palatal glide
    /j/ ex: your, young, yellow, feud, cured, onion, yes
  40. Approximate Glides: voiced, labiovelar glide
    /w/ ex: when, weed, quick, twins, quartz
  41. Approximate Liquids: voiced, palatal liquid
    /r/ ex: red, stress, car, revolt, stork
  42. Approximate Liquids: voiced, alveolar liquid
    /l/ ex: lawn, jello, split, mulch, bowl
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