ARC 2 Quiz 1

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  1. Renaissance
    14th-17th c. Rebirth of society and culture after bubonic plague. Less emphasis on religion (although still heavy) and more on science, art, architecture, and engineering.
  2. Single Point Perspective
    Perspective drawings. Focuses on one vanishing point. Used in art and for architectural drawings. Pioneered by Brunelleschi.
  3. Duomo
    Ya Know, a cathedral
  4. Florence Cathedral
    • Brunelleschi, Florence Italy, 1418
    • -I read Ross King's book on it
    • -Dome was revolutionary
    • -Held up b/c 2 layers, ribs, lantern on top as anchor,¬†herringbone pattern, chain harness
  5. Foundling Hospital
    • Brunelleschi, Florence, 1419
    • Image Upload
    • -Designed with perspective
  6. San Lorenzo
    • Florence, 1421, Brunelleschi
    • Medici Family Church
    • -Very Large
    • -Cruciform shape
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  7. Facade of Santa Maria Novella
    • Florence, 1460, Alberti
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  8. Sant' Andrea
    • Alberti, Mantua, 1466
    • -Not free standing
    • -Cruciform shape
    • -Barrel vaulting with coffering
    • -Very proportional
    • -Clerestory windows
    • -Viewer's perspective sees the altar
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  9. Palazzo Medici
    • Florence, 1444, Michelozzo
    • -Turns in on itself like a fortress
    • -Becomes less fortified and more refined looking as it acends
    • -Built at a time when powerful Italian families were fighting
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  10. Tempietto
    • Rome, 1508, Bramante
    • -Considered most perfect building of high renaissance
    • -Alberti's principals of beauty
    • -Round
    • -Designed as a small shrine
    • -St. Peter believed to be crucified here
    • -It is a Tholos (Round temple)
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  11. Alberti's Principals of Beauty
    • -Beauty is harmony with all the parts in a body so that nothing can be added, subtracted, or altered without ruining it
    • -Circle (golden ratio) used as measure for perfection
    • -Pavements should have lines that are coordinated based on music and geometry
    • -Churches as sacred and should be temple like. Clerestory windows to be used so that outside world cannot be seen
  12. Balustrade
    • Mini column-like objects that make up the railing on a staircase or balcony
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  13. Quions
    • Protruding bricks on corners of buildings
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  14. Greek Cross Plan
    • Short Cross
    • Image Upload
  15. Central Plan Church
    • Planned around a center instead of being cross shaped
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  16. Giant Order
    • Columns usually spanning two or more stories. Much bigger in scale
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  17. Broken Pediment
    • Pediment has a break
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