Chpt 8 review

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  1. List the characteristics of a professional resume
    • in print & electronic formats
    • easily faxed, scanned, and sent as email attachment
    • concise & well organized
  2. how are employers now asking you to submit applications for a job?
  3. what do employers use to test your skills prior to an interview or hiring you?
    pre-employment assessment
  4. define leadership
    providing the guidance, encouragement, support people need to achieve success
  5. name some effective ways to develop leadership skills
    all of the above
  6. what are some benefits of joining a professional association?
    all of the above
  7. list some resources for professional development
    • professional associations
    • meetings
    • college courses
    • journals
  8. what are some benefits of having a career plan?
    • requires short and long term goals
    • allows you to plan ahead
    • helps identify potential obstacles
  9. describe a role model
    person you want to be like
  10. describe a mentor
    wise, loyal advisor
  11. why is it important to monitor labor trends for your profession?
    • helps to know best time to apply for a job
    • helps to know how difficult or easy it might be to find the job you're looking for
  12. pre-employment assessments can be written or computerized and take a full day to complete

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