NeuroKinetic Therapy

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  1. Antagonist of middle traps
    Clavicular pecs, pec minor and serratus anterior
  2. Synergist of middle traps
    Rhomboid, posterior deltoid, triceps and wrist extensors
  3. Antagonist of lower traps
    sternal pec, pec minor, upper traps, levator scapula & rhomboid
  4. How to muscle test lower traps supine and prone?
    Supine: Humerus is abducted135d with elbow locked.  Place hand on posterior forarm superior to the wrist.  Resist downward movement.

    Prone:Humerus is abducted 135d with elbow locked.  Place one hand on anterior forearm superior to the wrist to support the arm, and the other on the posterior forearm superior to the wrist, Resist upward movement gently!
  5. Antagonist of Latissimus Dorsi Straight arm
    Abductors, lateral rotators and flexors of humerus.
  6. Synergist of Latissimus dorsi straight arm
    Adductors, medial rotators and extensors of humerus
  7. Antagonist of Latissimus Dorsi (bent arm)
    Upper traps & levator scapula
  8. Synergist of Latissimus Dorsi (bent arm)
    Teres major, lower traps and teres minor
  9. What are the antagonist of teres major?
    Humeral flexors, lateral rotators and abductors
  10. Synergist of Teres Major
    Latissimus dorsi and humeral extensors, medial rotators and adductors
  11. What are the antagonist of the Levator Scapula?
    Scalenes, Latissimus dorsi, and lower traps
  12. What are the synergist of levator scapula?
    Posterior deltoid, triceps, QL & gluteus maximus
  13. What are the antagonist to the rhomboids
    Pec minor and serratus anterior
  14. What are the synergist of the Rhomboids?
    Middle traps, Latissimus dorsi and QL
  15. Anterior deltoid antagonist
    Posterior deltoid, extensors horizontal abductors and lateral rotators of humerus
  16. Synergist of anterior deltoid
    wrist extensors, biceps, coracobrachialis, pec major and minor, subscapularis and latissimus dorsi
  17. Antagonist and synergist to posterior deltoid
    Antagonist is Anterior deltoid

    Synergist  are Triceps and upper traps
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