AP Psych Module 1

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  1. Forensic Psychologist
    Apply the law and psychological research methods to legal issues
  2. Social Psychologist
    Explore how our behaviors and mental processes are influenced by our interactions with others
  3. Human-factor Psychologists
    Explore how people and machines interact to minimize frustration and maximize safety and productivity
  4. Neropsychologists
    Explore how the structures of the brain work to produce behaviors
  5. Sports Psychologists
    Explore the psychological issues involving the improvement of athletic performances
  6. Social Workers
    Have an undergraduate or master's degree in psychology but aren't usually psychologists themselves; share a desire to improve the lives of others
  7. Rehabilitation Psychologists
    Help those who have medical conditions and have lost optimal cognitive or physical skills
  8. Basic Research
    Pure science that aims to increase the scientific knowledge base
  9. Health Psychologists
    Research ways to prevent disease and promote health
  10. Applied Research
    Scientific study aimed to solve practical problems
  11. Academic Psychologists
    Specialize in research and can be specialists in any of the psychology subfields
  12. Developmental Psychologists
    Study the growth and development that takes place over someone's life span
  13. Educational Psychologists
    Study how humans learn and looks for ways to improve the learning process
  14. Cognitive Psychologists
    Study mental processes
  15. Psychology
    Scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  16. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
    Use psychology concepts to help businesses and organizations operate better and more effectively
  17. Consumer Psychology
    Use research to help figure out why people buy products
  18. School Psychologists
    Work to improve the development of children in a school setting
  19. Clinical Psychologists
    Use their skills as therapists, assesment specialists, and researchers to promote psychological health in groups and individuals
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