Mission of Jesus Christ Chapter 1

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  1. Paschal Mystery
    the work of Redemption brought about by Christ's Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension; We celebrate the Paschal Mystery in the liturgy of the Church, during which Christ's saving work is made present and communicated, most especially in the Sacrament of the Eucharist
  2. triptych
    picture or carving on three panels often connected side by side with the middle panel often larger than the other two
  3. Resurrection Narratives
    the sculptural accounts of Jesus' bodily rising from the dead on the third day after his Crucifixion and burial
  4. Passion Narratives
    the sculptural accounts of the suffering and Death of Jesus
  5. holiness
    "A state of goodness in which a person - with the help of God's grace, the action of the Holy Spirit, and a life of prayer - is freed from sin and evil"
  6. agape
    describes selfless love that is concerned for the well-being of another, an unconditional gift of oneself, serving others, or making a sacrifice for others
  7. philia
    describes love between friends
  8. eros
    describes romantic, passionate love
  9. conviction
    a firmly held belief in something that we are sure is real and worth doing or believing
  10. spiritual poverty
    refers to an absence of God in our lives
  11. poverty of spirit
    to empty ourselves and to get rid of sins such as materialism, greed, lust, addiction, indifference and self-pity
  12. Spiritual Exercises
    Saint Ignatius' month-long program of prayers, meditations, and practices that help Catholics live their everyday life
  13. Joel
    • -calls all believers to a life of holiness by repentance or conversion 
    • - words are read every Ash Wednesday 
    • - "Yet even now, says the Lord, return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping and with mourning."
  14. Blessed Miguel Pro
    • -1891-19
    • -always enjoyed practical jokes throughout his whole life 
    • - first few decades of the century the Mexican gov. closed churches and anti-Catholic sentiment increased
    • -he would disguise himself to avoid officer's suspicions of the officer 
    • - eventually was caught and put to death; at his execution he prayed for the soldiers (like Jesus on the cross)
    • -Long live Christ the King were his final words
  15. Saint Teresa of Avila
    • -(1515-1582) Spanish Carmelite sister
    • - distracted from God's path until one day while in the chapel an unfamiliar statue proved to her Jesus exists causing her to be remorseful and loving 
    • - wrote books on spirituality and spread the good news to others
    • - declared a saint in 1622
    • -doctor of the church
  16. Saint Ignatius of Loyola
    -spiritual exercises
  17. Solomon
    • -asked God for wisdom and received great wealth as well 
    • - later became distracted by his many wives and God disfavored him
  18. Jonah
    • -his book offers an example of repentance and conversion
    • - lived inside the whale or ginormous fish for 3 days and nights then God had the fish spit him back out and he was enlightened in a sense
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