Naval Aviation History

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  1. What is the date of the first take-off from a ship?
    14 November 1910
  2. What is the name of the civilian pilot who achieved the first take-off from a ship?
    Eugene Ely
  3. From which ship was the first successful aircraft take-off?
    USS Birmingham (CL 2)
  4. When is the birthdate of Naval aviation?
    08 May 1911
  5. Which Naval officer prepared requisitions to purchase the first Navy aircraft?
    Captain W.I. Chambers
  6. The Navy purchased two Glen Curtiss bi-planes in 1911.
    How much did each one cost?
    What designation were these planes given?
    • $5,500
    • A-1 Triad
  7. On what date was the first fatality of Naval aviation?
    20 June 1913
  8. Who was the first fatality of Naval aviation?
    Ensign William D. Billingsley
  9. Who was the passenger who survived the mishap that killed Ensign Billingsley on 20 June 1913?
    Lieutenant John H. Towers
  10. What date is known as the birthdate of QA?
    22 October 1917
  11. How many men were originally enrolled in the Inspector School at MIT on 22 October 1917?
  12. When was the first Navy carrier commissioned?
    20 March 1922
  13. The Jupiter, a former collier or coal-carrier, was converted to the Navy's first carrier.  What was the carrier named?
    USS Langley (CV-1)
  14. When was the first carrier landing by a Navy jet?
    10 March 1948
  15. What jet made the first Navy carrier landing?
    FJ-1 Fury
  16. The FJ-1 Fury, the first Navy jet, made its first carrier landing on what ship?
    USS Boxer (CV 21)
  17. When was the battle of Coral Sea?
    7-8 May 1942
  18. Which U.S. carrier was sunk in the battle of Coral Sea, and which was damaged?
    The USS Lexington was sunk, and the USS Yorktown was damaged.
  19. During which battle did the world's first carrier-to-carrier battle occur?
    Coral Sea
  20. What battle was the turning point of the Pacific war?
    The Battle of Midway
  21. When was the Battle of Midway?
    3-5 June 1942
  22. Which admiral commanded at the Battle of Midway?
    Admiral Nimitz
  23. Name the 3 carriers which fought in the Battle of Midway
    • 1) Hornet
    • 2) Enterprise
    • 3) Yorktown
  24. Which U.S. carrier was sunk at the Battle of Midway?
    The USS Yorktown
  25. How many aircraft carriers did Japan have in the Battle of Midway, and how many did the U.S. sink?
    • They had 4.
    • We sunk 4.
    • Hooyah
  26. When was the Battle of Guadalcanal?
    13-15 November 1942
  27. Which ship was sunk at the Battle of Guadalcanal?
    The USS Juneau
  28. What happened as a result of the sinking of the USS Juneau, which led to the Navy reinstating its policy of separating family members?
    All 5 Sullivan brothers were killed
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