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  1. What type of chemical agent disrupts nerve impulses to the body while damaging body functions, rather than tissue?
    Nerve agents
  2. What are the 4 types of chemical agents?
    • 1) Nerve agents
    • 2) Blister agents
    • 3) Blood agents
    • 4) Choking agents
  3. What type of chemical agent can cause inflammation, blisters, and general destruction of tissues which often results in temporary blindness and/or death?
    Blister agents
  4. What type of chemical agent attacks the enzymes carrying oxygen in the blood stream?
    Blood agents
  5. What type of chemical agents are gaseous or liquid casualty agents with initial symptoms that include tears, dry throat, nausea, vomiting, and headache?
    Choking agents
  6. What detects the presence of liquid chemical agents by turning a red or reddish color?
    M9 Chemical Agent Detector Paper
  7. What is used as specific therapy for nerve agent casualties?
    Hint: They are issued for intramuscular injection, self-aid, or first aid.
    Atropine/2-PAM-chloride Auto Injector
  8. The basic division in biological agents is between what 2 categories?
    • 1) Pathogens
    • 2) Toxins
  9. What are 5 examples of Individual Protective Equipment (IPE)?
    • 1) Protective mask MCU-2P with components (C-2 canister filter)
    • 2) Advanced chemical protective garment (ACPG)
    • 3) Chemical protective gloves and liners
    • 4) Chemical protective overboots and laces
    • 5) Skin decontamination kit
  10. What are 5 types of nuclear explosions?
    • 1) High altitude air burst
    • 2) Air burst
    • 3) Surface Burst
    • 4) Shallow underwater burst
    • 5) Deep underwater burst
  11. Which type of nuclear explosion has the worst fallout?
    Surface burst
  12. At what altitude does a high altitude air burst occur?
    In excess of 100, 000 feet
  13. Which type of nuclear explosion causes large waves and water contamination?
    Shallow underwater burst
  14. How many MOPP levels are there?
  15. At which MOPP level do we issue IPE, accessible within 5 minutes?
    MOPP level 0
  16. Afloat, at which MOPP level do we don mask/hood, gloves, Circle William, and have countermeasure washdown?
    MOPP level 4
  17. Ashore, at which MOPP level, do we don protective over-boots?
    MOPP level 2
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