Diseases of the heart

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  1. ______ includes partial or complete interruption of arterial blood flow to myocarium. in most cases the cause is ______
    ischemic heart disease; artherosclerosis
  2. episodic chest pain due to lack of O2
    angina pectoris
  3. types of angina pectoris
    • stable
    • unstable
    • prinzmetal
  4. chest pain with exertion
  5. prolonged or recurring or sudden increase in chest pain at rest
  6. intermittent chest pain at rest due to vasospasm
  7. myocardial coagulative necrosis due to coronary artery occlusion
    myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  8. types(?) of myocardial infarction and differentiate
    • transmural: entire ventricular wall
    • subendocardial: inner 1/3 of LV wall
  9. due to rheumatic fever from immune response to group A beta hemolytic strep infection
    rheumatic heart disease
  10. ASCHOFF body; characterized by multinucleated giant cells
    classic lesion
  11. form of endocarditis that is usually bacterial, fungal infection of the endocardium
    • infective endocarditis
    • -- acute (staph aureus)
    • -- subacute (strep viridians)
  12. form of endocarditis associated with debilitating disorders (cancers, wasting conditions)
    non bacterial thrombotic endocarditis (Marantic endocarditis)
  13. form of endocarditis in SLE
    Libman-Sacks endocarditis
  14. due to complications of rheumatic fever; may be congenital
    Valvular heart disease (mitral valve prolapse is most common)
  15. non inflammatory disease of heart muscles (not associated w/ hypertension, valve or congenital heart disease)
  16. types of cardiomyopathy
    • congested/dilated
    • restrictive
    • hypertrophic
  17. diffuse myocardial degeneration and necrosis with inflammatory infiltrate
  18. bacterial disease of pericardium
  19. tumor invasion of the pericardium
  20. Congestive Heart Failure, R or L:
    1. IHD/MI
    2. pulmo hypertension
    3. Tricuspid/pulmo valve disease
    4. myocardial disease
    5. cardiomyopathy and myocarditis
    6. hypertension
    7. LV failure
    8. aortic/mitral valve disease
    9. left sided lesions
    • 1. L
    • 2. R
    • 3. R
    • 4. L
    • 5. R
    • 6. L
    • 7. R
    • 8. L
    • 9. R
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