Windows 7 Chapter 2

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  1. What replaced the MS-DOS boot disks for fixing and troubleshooting a wide range of boot problems on a Windows Vista or 7 systems?
    Windows PE
  2. Which of the following is not a feature of WINDOWS PE?
    Boot a virtual DOS enviroment
  3. Where would you find a copy of windows PE?
    Windows 7 AIK
  4. Which of the following is not a new feature of Windows PE 3.0?
    Windows PE allows direct modification of the BIOS
  5. Which of the following is Not a use for Windows PE?
    Providing quick file server capability
  6. You have a third-party controller card for your drivers. How do you install the drivers during the installation?
    Click the Load Driver button when the Windows Installation program asks, "Where do you want to install Windows?"
  7. A ____ ____is a series of folders associated with a specific user that contains personal
    documents, user-specific registry setting, Internet favorites, and other personalized information.
    user profile
  8. You need to migrate user setting from one computer to a new computer with Windows 7.
    This is called _____ ____ ____ Migration.
    Side by Side
  9. You need to migrate the user settings to a network share, perform a clean installation of windows 7 on a computer, and migrate the user settings from the network share to the computer.
    This is called ____ ____ ____ Migration.
    Wipe and Load
  10. Windows ____ ____ is a graphical program allows you to transfer user profile data from one computer to another.
    Easy Transfer
  11. The ____ ____ Cable is a USB cable that can be used to connect two Windows computers together solely for the purpose of using the Windows Easy Transfer Program?
    Easy Transfer
  12. Where do you find the Windows Easy Transfer program to use with your Windows 7 machine?
    Microsoft's web site
  13. ____ ____ ____ is a program that allows you to migrate user settings from one computer to a computer running Windows 7 using a command line interface.
    Windows Easy Transfer
  14. The User State Migration Tool uses ____ ____to keep track of migration process.
    XML files
  15. ______ _____ is the program you use to determine if your machine can be upgraded to Windows 7.
    Upgrade Advisor
  16. Which of the following is not a way to upgrade Windows 7 editions?
    Run the migration tool from another windows 7 computer.
  17. What are the steps to upgrade a 32 bit versions of windows 7 to a 64 bit version of windows 7?
    It cannot be upgraded.
  18. You have a computer with Windows XP which is installed on the entire C Drive. You want to install Windows 7 onto the computer and make it dual boot. What can you do?
    use a third party tool to shrink the windows XP partitions
  19. If you install Windows 7 on a volume that has Windows XP, you can find the old files in a folder named ______.____ ______
    windows old folder
  20. What do you call a Windows PE on a computer with Windows 7 already installed that allows you to troubleshoot and fix if the computer fails to start?
    Windows RE
  21. What stops a user from using Windows PE as a permanent operating System?
    It reboots after 72 hours.
  22. c:\ ____ is the default folder to which windows is installed.
  23. ____ is the agreement that you have to accept when installing Windows.
  24. c:\____ is the folder that holds the user profiles on a system with Windows 7.
  25. Windows 7 contains a ____ ____ ____ (____) architecture that makes it easier to install multilingual support on a computer.
    Multilingual User Interface (MUI)
  26. ______.exe is a USMT program that allows you to save user profile data.
  27. ____.exe is a USMT program allows you to restore previous saved user profiles data.
  28. You have a computer with Windows Vista. What type of installation gives you the best possible performance and the least problems during the installation process?
    Clean Installation
  29. You boot the computer with a Windows 7 installation DVD and quickly discover that the
    upgrade option is currently disabled. What is the problem?
    • to perform an upgrade you must boot an
    • existing Windows Vista operating system, inset the windows 7 installation DVD and start the installation program.
  30. (True/False)

    Even if you got hundreds of 7 installations, its still good idea to install them one at a time?
  31. What does MDT stand for?
    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  32. (True/False)

    When creating a new deployment share in the
    MDT, you can also preset the product key so the end user would not have
    to enter it.
  33. ____ ____ is a practical method of automatic deployment when you have a lager number of clients to install and the computers require different hardware and software configurations.
    Unattended installation
  34. ____.____ is the name for the answer file used for unattended installations.
  35. (True/False)

    The answer file provides the answers to windows 7 installation questions.
  36. If your are performing an installation over the network from a distribution share, you should place the answer file in the _____ _____.
    root directory
  37. What does the acronym WDS stand for?
    Windows Deployment Services
  38. What was WDS formerly known as?
  39. What does the acronym RIS stand for?
    Remote Installation Services
  40. What does the acronym PXE stand for?
    preboot execution environment
  41. ____ is a technology that is used to boot to the
    network when no OS or network configuration has been installed and configured on a client computer.
  42. The ____ is where the WDS client gets it tcp/ip configuration information from?
  43. What does the acronym DHCP stand for?
    dynamic host configuration protocol
  44. _____ is a tool that is used to prepare a computer for disk imaging.
  45. A prepared disk image can be captured using the ____, a new imaging management tool included with 7.
  46. Is the process of taking a snapshot of a computer image and then using that snapshot to create a new computer image, thus allowing for automated deployment.
    disk imaging
  47. (True/False)

    Before "sysprepping" the reference computer,
    the settings and applications for the target computers should be installed configured.
  48. (True/False)

    Sysprep and disk imaging is the most commonly used method in the field.
  49. (True/False)

    Sysprep is designed to deploy to computers that have similar configuration requirements.
  50. (True/False)

    Unfortunately, sysprep will not remove the SID from the computer.
  51. What does the acronym SID stand for?
    security identifier
  52. If you want to be able to quickly rebuild a
    corrupt machine with a previously created image, you should have users store their documents in a shared ____ on a network file ____?
    • folder
    • server
  53. What "type" of device will sysprep discover that were not part of the original image?
    Plug and Play
  54. You can fully automate when and how the
    Windows Welcome screen is displayed during the installation process by using the /____ option with the Sysprep tool and an answer file
    named ____.
    • oobe
    • oobe.xml
  55. You use the ____ ____ with Sysprep if you
    wanted to make a backup image of your own computer so that a SID would not be generated.
    no sidgen
  56. \ ____ \ ____ \ ____ is the directory path to the Sysprep utility on your computer.
    windows system32 sysprep
  57. Would any encrypted files stored on NTFS partition upon performing a Sysprep operation become corrupt or unreadable?
  58. What is the name for the extension of the file that is created when using Sysprep?
  59. You can use the Sysprep /generalize to reset the Windows Activation ____ times.
  60. (True/False)

    The computer your are performing Sysprep on must be part of a domain.
  61. What does the acronym WAIK stand for?
    Windows Automated Installation Kit
  62. (True/False)

    WAIK is a set of utilities and documentation for deploying a Windows OS.
  63. The ____ ____ ____ allows an administrator to help solve problems with applications that will not properly work on Windows 7.
    Application Compatibility Toolkit
  64. The ____ ____ is a utility that will locate computers on a network and then perform a thorough inventory of them.
    MAP Toolkit
  65. The ____ ____ ____ ____ is used to create new answer files and modify old answer files to be used for unattended installations.
    Windows System Image Manager
  66. ______ is a command-line utility that works in conjunction with Sysprep to create and manage Windows 7 images for deployment.
  67. (True/False)

    ImageX is included with the Windows 7 operating system like Sysprep?
  68. (True/False)

    It is faster to install 7 from a DVD than over the network.
  69. _____.exe is the Windows setup program that replaces Winnt32.exe and Winnt.exe in previous versions of Windows.
  70. You have created an answer file called
    "theanswers.xml". What command would you type to include the answer file in your installation?
    Setup /unattend:theanswers.xml
  71. Prior to performing a Sysprep installation, you should be logged into the source computer as a(n) ____.
  72. (True/False)

    If you upgraded a Windows Vista machine to Windows 7, Your will not be able to run the Sysprep utility?
  73. You would use the ____ switch with ImageX to create a new image.
  74. ____ is the name of the very powerful
    command-line utility that you can use to reformat a hard drive to prepare it to have an image applied?
  75. You use the _____ switch with ImageX to place a new image on a computer.
  76. The _____ key must be pressed on the target machine in order to start a WDS installation.
  77. The ____ key needs to be pressed in order to install a mass storage device driver for the WDS installation on the target machine.
  78. (True/False)

    At least one partition n the WDS server must be formatted as NTFS.
  79. ____ is the name of the command-line utility for WDS.
  80. If you are going to implement DHCP from the WDS server, what DHCP option must be configured?
  81. You have used Sysprep to create an image file
    call "flyleaf.wim". Will WDS be able to use this file to deploy the OS to PXE-capable clients?
  82. What does the acronym MAP stand for?
    Microsoft Assessment and Planning
  83. The two utilities Map uses to obtain inventory information from clients on the network are ____ and ____.
    • WMI
    • SNMP
  84. What does the acronym WMI stand for?
    Windows Management Instrumentation
  85. What does the acronym SNMP stand for?
    Simple Network Management Protocol
  86. (True/False)

    MAP will only advise you if the machines can load various OSes, but also if you need any hardware upgrades.
  87. MAP will also generate a ____ that recommends which machines can be used for Windows 7.
  88. MAP will provide reporting information in two formats that can be read by _____ or _____.
    • Word
    • Excel
  89. (True/False)

    MAP must be run from a server running Windows Server 2008.
  90. List the five panes that show up in the Windows SIM utility.
    • distribution shares
    • windows images files
    • answer file
    • properties
    • displaying validation msg
  91. Your are performing a DVD installation of 7
    and you want it to be automated. Name three locations where you could
    place the Unattended.xml file?(answers may vary)
    • DVD
    • Floppy
    • USB
  92. Which Windows operating systems can be deployed with WDS?
    • XP
    • Server
    • 2003
    • Vista
    • 7
    • Server
    • 2008
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