Level H: Unit 1 Syn/Ant

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  1. Adjunct-Synonyms
    (S): associate, addition, accessory
  2. Bellwether-Synonyms
    (S): ringleader, initiator, barometer
  3. Bellwether-Antonyms
    (A): follower, imitator, emulator
  4. Caterwaul-Synonyms
    (S): whine, wail, screech
  5. Chimerical-Synonyms
    (S): fanciful, visionary, quixotic, pie-in-the-sky
  6. Chimerical-Antonyms
    (A): realistic, down-to-earth, practicable
  7. Effete-Synonyms
    (S): decadent, enfeebled, outmoded
  8. Effete-Antonyms
    (A): thriving, burgeoning, vigorous, dynamic
  9. Fait accompli-Synonyms
    (S): accomplished fact
  10. Hidebound-Synonyms
    (S): intolerant, inflexible
  11. Hidebound-Antonyms
    (A): open-minded, tolerant, liberal, progressive
  12. Hierarchy-Synonyms
    (S): chain of command, pecking order
  13. Liturgy-Synonyms
    (S): ceremony, observance
  14. Mirage-Synonyms
    (S): optical illusion
  15. Morass-Synonyms
    (S): bog, quagmire
  16. Morass-Antonyms
    (A): solid ground, bedrock, terra firma
  17. Noisome-Synonyms
    (S): fetid, noxious, vile, loathsome
  18. Noisome-Antonyms
    (A):wholesome, pleasant, sweet-smelling
  19. Oblivious-Synonyms
    (S): insensible
  20. Oblivious-Antonyms
    (A): aware, mindful, cognizant, alert
  21. Poltroon-Synonyms
    (S): craven, dastard, "chicken"
  22. Poltroon-Antonyms
    (A): hero, stalwart, gallant
  23. Proselyte-Synonyms
    (S): novice, neophyte
  24. Proselyte-Antonyms
    (A): master
  25. Quasi-Synonyms
    (S): kind of, semi-, as if
  26. Quasi-Antonyms
    (A): totally, completely, actually, in fact
  27. Raillery-Synonyms
    (S): banter, persiflage
  28. Ribald-Synonyms
    (S): bawdy, risqué
  29. Ribald-Antonyms
    (A): seemly, proper, decorous
  30. Supine-Synonyms
    (S): prone, prostrate, inert
  31. Supine-Antonyms
    (A): upright, erect, perpendicular, vertical
  32. Vignette-Synonyms
    (S): thumbnail, sketch, anecdote
  33. Vignette-Antonyms
    (A): epic, full-length treatment
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