North Arkansas College English Comp 1

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  1. List The Five Parts Of An Introduction.
    • Motivator
    • Author
    • Essay
    • Summary of an essay
    • Thesis
  2. What are the two parts of a thesis statement?
    Limited subject/precise opinion
  3. How do we formulate a blueprint?
    Ask the question how or why
  4. What words are used to link the blueprint to the thesis?
    Because or by
  5. What are supports?
    The ideas you use from the essay you have read to support your own thesis
  6. What is included before a direct quote?
    A signal phrase including the author’s last name
  7. Is this a direct quote support done correctly?

    Gardner states, “Until now, we have supported the fiction that adult roles depend largely on the flowering of a single intelligence” (521).
  8. How many supports do we normally include in each body paragraph?
  9. What are the six ways we can write a support?
    • Quote Statistic
    • Summarize Narrative
    • Paraphrase Brief Example
  10. How many explanations/examples should follow each support?
  11. What should be included in a topic sentence?
    • Transitions
    • Reminders
  12. What is the purpose of a transition?
    The purpose is to move the reader through the essay, providing unity.
  13. What is the purpose of a reminder?
    The purpose is to strengthen the thesis of the essay and to remind the reader of the thesis, the purpose of the paper
  14. What does a conclusion need to include?
    Restated thesis, clincher, concluding statement
  15. How many pages does your essay need to be?
    4 (counting work cited page).
  16. What must you include in your heading?
    • Your name
    • Instructor’s name
    • Class
    • Date
  17. What type face and font should you choose?
    Times New Roman/Size 12
  18. What do you need to include on every page in the upper right corner, ½ inch from the top of the page?
    Your last name and page
  19. Should you include quotation marks around the title of your page?
    Absolutely not
  20. What will be averaged to produce the final grade?
    Content and Usage/Punctuation
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