Creative selling Chapter 1

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  1. Sells goods or services to consumers, personal, non-business use
    selling in retail

    manager of Lulu Lemon store
  2. Face to face or telephone sales to consumers who use products for their personal use
    direct sellers 

  3. For resale, for use in producing other goods, for use within an organization
    selling for a wholesaler
  4. Works for the firm who manufactures the product, one of the more prestigious to hold
    Selling for a manufacturer
  5. Sales Clerkes - Sales reps - technical reps -  business solutions specialists - key account reps - and top reps

    Order takers ------------------ Order givers 
    $27,000                                $100,000+
    Seven sales job categories
  6. Reasons to go into sales..
    • wide variety of careers
    • freedom of being on your own 
    • opportunity for advancement 
    • financial rewards
  7. Intrinsic reward of knowing you're skill full 
    quicker path to managing large amounts of responsibility, different kinds of incentives, ex. trips and gifts
    Non-financial rewards
  8. Higher average than that of other workers at the same level within the organization 

    Based upon performance
    Financial rewards
  9. Goal: long-term relationship 

    Non adversarial 
    Non manipulative
    Relationship selling

    You must be able to build relationships
  10. What does a professional salesperson do?
    • creates new customers
    • sells more to present customers
    • builds long-term relationships 
    • provides solutions 
    • provides services
  11. Creating customers for tomorrow
    -customer loyalty 
    -committed relationships
    Relationship marketing
  12. 3 Types of Relationship Marketing.
    • Transactional selling
    • Relationship selling
    • Partnering
  13. 80/20 Rule?
    80% of sales is generated from 20% of customers
  14. The sales process is a sequential series of actions.. name them (10)
    Prospecting, pre-approaching, approach, presentation, trial close, objections, meet objections, trial close, close, follow-up & service
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