Antepartal Tests

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  1. Factors that place the woman and baby at risk for adverse outcomes:
    Biophysical Factors-- genetic, nutritional, medical, obstetric

    Psychosocial Factors-- maternal behaviors: smoking, caffeine, alcohol, psychological status

    Sociodemographic Factors-- prenatal care, age, parity, marital status, income, ethnicity

    Environmental Factors-- exposure to chemicals, radiation, pollutants
  2. Biophysical assessments/tests:
    • Transvaginal Ultrasound
    • Abdominal Ultrasound
    • Umbilical Artery Doppler Flow (placental perfusion)
    • MRI- tissues and organs (fetal anatomy)
  3. Biochemical Assessments
    Chorionic Villus Sampling- aspiration of small amount of placental tissue (DNA testing)

    Amniocentesis-- fetal lung maturity, genetic testing, hemolytic disease

    Delta OD 450-- life threatening anemia

    Fetal Blood Sampling/Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling (cordocentesis)-- removal of fetal blood from cord...tested for metabolic/hematologic disorders...have terbutaline on hand in case of uterine contractions occurring
  4. Tests of Fetal Status and Well Being
    Daily Fetal Movement Count -- less than 4 in an hour should be reported

    Non-Stress test-- FHR

    Vibroacoustic Stimulation-- (not done when bradycardia is present)

    Contraction Stress Test

    Amniotic Fluid Index-- <5 cm is indicative of oligohydraminos

    Biophysical Profile-- ultrasound observ.

    Modified Biophysical Profile-- short term well being

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