LPM Quiz 2

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  1. E Pluribus unum
    • Out of many, One (concept)
    • "Came from different but became one"
  2. Mosque
    a building in which Muslims worship

    e.g.:  Doors and windows of the mosque were destroyed
  3. Hijab
    • a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women
    • e.g.: Even small girls of six years wear the hijab
  4. Unyielding
    • they are not easily influenced and they are unlikely to change their mind
    • e.g.:The terrorists are unyielding in their demands
  5. Suppress
    • to put an end, often by force, to a group or an activity that is believed to threaten authority.
    • e.g.:The army was called in to suppress the rebels.
  6. Coercion
    • the action of making somebody do something that they do not want to do, using force or threatening to use force.
    • e.g.:He claimed he had only acted under coercion
  7. Disruption
    • to make it difficult for something to continue in the normal way
    • 붕괴; 분열; 중단, 두절; 혼란
    • e.g.: Through offering other service, at least we'll minimize the disruption to our clients.
  8. Sustained
    • to provide enough of what somebody/something needs in order to live or exist
    • e.g.: I only had a little budget to sustain me on my trip.
  9. Stoke
    • to add fuel to a fire, etc
    • e.g.: This plan/law will only stoke the peoples fury/anger
  10. Transcends
    • to be or go beyond the usual limits of something
    • 초월하다
    • e.g.: Art, literature, and music transcends time and space
  11. Overarching
    • very important, because it includes or influences many things
    • e.g: JTS's overarching aim is the elimination of poverty
  12. Inter alia
    • among other things
    • 그 중에서도
    • e.g.: This project covers, inter alia, target market and target consumer.
  13. Levers
    • a handle
    • e.g.: They had extra levers that could be used to remove his property
  14. Pretext
    • a false reason that you give for doing something
    • an Excuse
    • e.g.: murder cannot be justified by any pretext
  15. Thuggery
    • violent, usually criminal behavior
    • e.g.: problem of young thuggery rate increases
  16. Plucky
    • having a lot of courage, and determination
    • e.g.: She was plucky enough to share her toughts to her mom
  17. Quandary
    • the state of not being able to decide what to do in a difficult situation
    • 진퇴난양
    • e.g.: Because of the penalty tax, i was really in quandary
  18. Caricature
    • a funny drawing or picture of somebody
    • e.g.: you can easily find caricature artists in Hongdae
  19. Second guess
    • to guess what sombody will do before they do it
    • 추측하다 비난하다
    • e.g.: do not second guess on my decision
  20. Narrative
    • the act, process or skill of telling a story
    • e.g.: I didnt like the narrative of this movie
  21. Villains
    • the main bad character in a story, play, etc
    • e.g.: In avenger movie, loki played as villains
  22. Prevalent
    • that exists or is very common at a particular time or in a particular place
    • 일반적인
    • e.g.: Flowers are prevalent in my province
  23. Purporting
    • to claim to be something or to have done something, when this may not be true
    • 주장하다
    • e.g.: I am not quite sure of the purport of your question.
    • e.g.: he purported to be a theif
  24. Gripping
    • exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention
    • e.g.: the movie was gripping and touched
  25. Lurched
    • to make a sudden, unsteady movement forward or sideways
    • e.g.: The boat lurched violently because of the typhoon
  26. Fluctuation
    • to change frequently in size, amount, quality, etc, especially from one extreme to another
    • 변동 급변
    • e.g.: My mood seems to fluctuate from day to day
  27. String attached
    • Restrction, condition
    • e.g.: Parents raise children without any string attached
  28. Dismantle
    • to take apart/ to end an organization or system
    • e.g.: It is their duty to dismantle the boom in the public
  29. Diminish
    • To become or to make something smaller, weaker, semm less important 
    • 줄어들다, 악화시키다 
    • e.g.: Nothing can diminish her passion
  30. Underscore
    • Underline; to emphaize or show that something is important or true
    • e.g.: That idea is what I wanted to underscore in this project
  31. Money laundering
    • 돈세탁
    • e.g.: He became rich through moeny laundering
  32. Vagrant
    • Person who has no home or jobs; Begger
    • e.g.: After his business went on bankrupt, he became vagrant
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