AP Psych Module 2

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  1. Positive Psychology
    Movement that focuses on the study of optimal human functioning and the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive
  2. Gestalt Psychology
    Psychological perspective that emphasized our tendency to integrate pieces of information into meaningful wholes
  3. Behavior Genetics
    School of thought that focuses on how much our genes and our environment influence our individual differences
  4. Cognitive Perspective
    School of thought that focuses on how people think; how we take in, process, store and retrieve information
  5. Social-Cultural Perspective
    School of thought that focuses on how thinking or behavior changes in different contexts or situations
  6. Biological Perspective
    School of thought that focuses on the physical structures and substances underlying a particular behavior, thought, or emotion
  7. Humanistic Psychology
    School of thought that focuses on the study of conscious experience, the individuals freedom to choose, and the capacity for personal growth
  8. Behaviorism
    Theory that psychology should only study observable behaviors, not mental processes
  9. Psychoanalysis
    Theory of personality and therapeutic technique that attributes our thoughts and actions to unconscious motives and conflicts
  10. Functionalism
    Theory that emphasized the functions of consciousness or the ways consciousness helps people adapt to their environment
  11. Structuralism
    Theory that the structure of conscious experience could be understood by analyzing the basic elements of thoughts and sensations
  12. BF Skinner
    American psychologist  whose brand of behaviorism focused on the role of responses in learning
  13. Jean Piaget
    Developmental psychologist known for his studies of children's thought processes
  14. William James
    First American psychologist and author of the first psychology textbook
  15. John B Watson
    Founder of Behaviorism
  16. Wilhem Wundt
    Founder of modern psychology
  17. Sigmund Freud
    Founder of psychoanalysis
  18. EB Titchener
    Founder of Structuralism
  19. Abraham Maslow & Carl Rodgers
    Leaders in the Humanistic psychology movement
  20. Ivan Pavlov
    Russian psychologist who showed that animals learn some things through association
  21. Kenneth Clark & Mamie Phipps Clark
    Researchers whose work was used in the Brown v. Board case that overturned segregation in schools
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