Anthro 101 (CH 1-2)

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  1. name the four branches of anthropology
    • cultural
    • archaeology
    • linguistic
    • physical (Biological )
  2. what is bio-cultural approach
    the scientific study of the interrelationship between what humans have inherited genetically and culture.
  3. what is the father of anthropology?
    Frank Boas
  4. How old was Darwin when he set sail to Galapagos island and how long was he there?
    22, and there for 5weeks.
  5. What are the six attributes that differ humans from other animals?
    • bipedalism (walk on two feet)
    • non-honing chewing (process food)
    • complex material culture (tools to create enviroments)
    • tool use
    • hunting
    • speech
    • dependence on domesticated foods
  6. What is the earliest stone dated?
    2.6 Million Years Ago (MYA)
  7. What is yBP?
    Years before present
  8. What are 4 scientific methods to know what we know?
    • identifying the problem based on some earlier observations
    • stating the hypohesis
    • collecting the data (observations)
    • testing the hypothesis: rejection, acceptance, or modification
  9. When was the earliest hominids to exist?
  10. Who developed scientific method?
    Sir Francis bacon
  11. Who made the literal interpretation of the bible, prints a book called annals of the old testament, and says earth is static and the center of the universe?
    Bishop James Ussher
  12. Who was the first to challenge the notion as earth being the center of the universe?
    Nicolaus Copernicus
  13. Who saw the moons of Jupiter and was able to back Copernicuss theory?
    Galileo Galilei
  14. Who determined earth surface changed and that the earth is very old and created uniformitarianism?
    James Hutton
  15. Who resurrected Uniformitarianism and created principles of geology?
    Charles Lyell
  16. Who studied tissue structure and determined fossils were once living?
    Robert Hooke
  17. Who is the father of comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology and catastrophism?
    Baron Georges Cuvier
  18. Who attempted to construct the best way to categorize organisms by paying close attention to detail and laid the foundation for taxonomy?
    John Ray
  19. Who is the father of Taxonomy?
    Carolus Linnaeus
  20. Who synthesized evolution?
    Julian Huxley
  21. Who is the father of genetics?
    Gregor Mendel
  22. What are some of Darwin's theories?
    • Evolution had occurred
    • evolution changes gradually
    • evolution was a process called natural selection
    • Millions of species originated from a single original life form through branching process called speciation
  23. When did Charles Darwin publish "on the orgin of species"?
    November. 24, 1859
  24. Who urged Darwin to publish before Wallace?
    Thomas Huxley
  25. Who relied heavily on Franklin & gosling unpublished work and created the structure of DNA?
    James Watson & Francis Crick
  26. Who made x-ray defraction images of DNA and determined form of DNA?
    Rosalind Franklin a& Raymond Gosling
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